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Lots of love

Currents - OUT NOW!!! Jun 16, 2017

Debut LP from Early Riser is out now!!!

Early Riser Joins The Anchorless Family!!! Feb 23, 2017

We are very excited to welcome Brooklyn NY's Early Riser to the Anchorless family!

We teamed up with our buds at A-F Records and their debut album will be out late spring/early summer. In the meantime check out their debut single "The Nevers". Out 2/24/17 HERE



Today we are happy to share with you the brand spanking new Almost People LP "Songs For Best Friends" OUT NOW! Available everywhere!! Per-Orders shipping top of the week! Record release show is tomorrow in Durham with Brendan Kelly, Stevo and more!


New Almost People tunes! Record release info! Sep 29, 2016

To quote that lovable kid from the Goonies, Chunk, "HEEEEY YOUUUUU GUUUUYYYSSS" in case you have been kicking that hangover for the past little while here you probably already know that the Almost People LP "Songs For Best Friends" is up for pre-sale in the webstore and if you want to hear a couple of tunes there is a Video HERE(thanks Punknews) and a new jam HERE(thanks Dying Scene). For those of you in or around the NC area Almost People's record release show on 10/15/16 is going to be a ton of fun. A number of Anchorless alumni are coming down for the show including Brendan Kelly (of The Lawrence Arms/ Falcon) and Stevo (of The Holy Mess). You can check the details out for yourself HERE.

In other news, hockey is back!!! Was hoping that Russia would have done better in the WCOH but they didn't. Anyways, we digress. GO WINGS!

FEST is just around the corner and can't wait to see everyone down there! We are pretty well represented down there and AP will be making their FEST debut! Anika and Mikey are playing and if you didnt already scoop up a 7" you should, they are almost gone!

Ok, be good, kind and gentle to one another.

Until next time.


Mikey Erg/Anika Pyle 7" OUT TODAY!!! Sep 09, 2016

Guys! The brand new split 7" featuring Mikey Erg and Anika Pyle (of Chumped) is OUT NOW!!! So go pick up a copy (or bundle) from our webstore, stream it from where ever it is you stream, download it via BANDCAMP get the point. It is a really cool record that we are thrilled to have been a part of. Here is link to the WEBSTORE and below is some info on this, our 30th release!

"In July of 2015, while at a studio session for The Rentiers, Mikey Erg and Anika Pyle (Chumped) had a conversation about self doubt and creativity. Continuing to make music can be difficult in the aftermath of criticism or disbandment. They were both feeling a little directionless so Anika suggested they make a pact to create a safe space for sharing songs with each other, to keep creating for the sake of creating. If they sent them to each other, they would have accountability and have somewhere to put them when they were finished. Mikey, being the ambitious rocker that he is, suggested a song a day but they settled on a song a week for the rest of the year.

They ended up writing a full length record each and then some. They encouraged each other, challenged each other and learned from each other and they are both better for it!
This seven inch is comprised of four songs that appear exactly how they exchanged them during their pact. They essentially pulled them straight from voice memo and we pressed them to vinyl. This split is meant to be a celebration of friendship and the triumph of creativity over self doubt. You don't need a studio or a session band or a deadline. Sometimes all you need is a friend. This record will, hopefully, continue to inspire others to make for the sake of making."

We will be announcing the Almost People full length LP next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

The World Cup of Hockey is happening so you know I have a huge smile on!


Almost People - Tres EP (Digital) - OUT NOW Aug 12, 2016

Folks! We are so pumped for you all to hear the new EP from Almost People entitled Tres. It came out today and is available digitally from the usual suspects including bandcamp (only 2 bucks!) which you can scoop up HERE.

The EP includes one track from their upcoming LP (Songs For Best Friends) out this fall! A badass Scandals cover and a b-side from the LP sesh.

Be kind to one another. Have a great weekend.

Talk soon.

Almost People join Anchorless!!! Oh and webstore sale! Jun 30, 2016

Hey hey hey! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the summer sun. We are very happy to announce that Almost People have joined the Anchorless Records family. These nerds are based out of Durham, NC and are some of the sweetest (yet smelly) dudes we have ever worked with. They recorded their debut album with Pete from Bouncing Souls and it rules. It will be out this fall but to hold you over until then we will be releasing a digitial EP on July 29th . "Check out a tune from the EP HERE.

Almost People is playing FEST and will be on tour pretty much forever starting, well, soon! So stay tuned!!!

We are also having a sale which starts now and ends on Tuesday. Get 20% off by using the code MERICA. HERE.

Take care of each other.


Your Loss (ex Chumped and Elway) midlife-crisis-tropical-vacation OUT TODAY!!! May 06, 2016

Aloha, today we are so so so so SOOOO stoked that Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation is OUT NOW!!! Scoop it up from bandcamp HERE , itunes, blah blah blach, stream it steal it but listen to it and love it as much as we do. It is a great record written by some of our very favorite people on this planet (other planets, not so much). If you have been living under a rock or in a van down by the river, or Sumter, SC Your Loss features members of Chumped and Elway and here is what Brooklyn Vegan had to say "...It’s equal parts driving, throat-shredding punk and more mid-tempo indie rock, like if Dillinger Four and Dinosaur Jr got into a car crash and magically morphed into one super band instead of anyone getting hurt. Doesn’t that sound nice?"

Ok, as you were. Be good to one another and we will be in touch soon. OH, We ugh, signed a really cool new band who have a LP coming out this fall and have a sick new split 7" to announce (sorry it is not Drake/Weeknd) that you guys will be excited once you know more. So, yeah. Enjoy and stay tuned for details in the coming weeks!!!


YOUR LOSS Premiers song on NOISEY Apr 13, 2016

Check out the self titled track to the Your Loss album out may 6th!!!


Your Loss (ex Chumped and Elway) Join The Anchorless Family!!! Apr 02, 2016

Hey hey!!! Working on a Saturday, eh? All good!!!

Today we are super mega pumped to announce that we have signed Your Loss and will be releasing their debut and probably only release entitled "Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation". The record is fantastic and the people are ok too. It features members of our beloved Chumped and one of our favorite bands Elway. It will be out digitally May 6th.

Read below for some more info on these jerks.

"Terrible songs about terrible people by terrible people for terrible people. Your Loss was formed in 2015 at the corner of No Care and No Talent Streets in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tim and Brian play in Elway, and Drew played in Chumped, which only bears mentioning because now more people will listen to the album. Miles hasn’t been in any bands you care about, which makes him the only punk guy in the band. Our only hope is that we’ll be one of those bands that everyone says is cool to listen to, but nobody really listens to. Y’know, like Chumped. If we are permitted one auxiliary hope though, it’s to use our moderate ability to play songs to get free drinks. Y’know, like Elway. We have no plans of ever touring anywhere near you. BYE."

so long for now! we have a couple more signings to announce so stay tuned and get back to enjoying your saturday cocktails!



Hey hey hey hey!!! Super pumped to sorta announce some cool news. We signed two new bands that are full of questionable folks playing some unquestionably great tunes! Also have an announcement for a super sweet split 7" that has been recorded and will be out this year too. I love being vague and I love all of you.

oh, we will also have a bunch of Chumped merch in the store soon and prints from their last BK shows.

stay tuned


Hi, so looks like Chumped is playing one last show in NY for friends and other nerds willing to travel and missed them at FEST. The show is at Suburbia in Brooklyn and is with Adult Dude, Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Gethard. Be there or be square.


See you in 2016! Dec 23, 2015

Hope everyone has a great holiday season! See you in 2016. We have a couple of rad releases and announcements to share with y'all in the new year.
Be good to one another.


Oh, or pre xmas shipping is done. If it didnt ship it wont ship until Jan 5th,

FEST!!!! Oct 23, 2015

FEST is almost here! Hope to see many old faces and some new ones too! Below are some of the Anchorless family that are partaking in the FESTivities

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Jenarchy (Jen from GREENHORN)
Mother's Pub
1017 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL

1:00 AM - 1:30 AM Joe McMahon (smoke or fire)
Whiskey House
60 SW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL


1:00 AM - 1:30 AM Teen Agers (The Get Up Kids Cover Set)
12:10 AM - 12:40 AM Teen Agers
120 SW 1st Ave, Gainesville, FL

10:20 PM - 11:00 PM Chumped
The Wooly
20 N Main St, Gainesville, FL

CHUMPED Cover Crystals on AV Club Aug 13, 2015

in case you missed it, Chumped​ did this rad lil' ditty for AV CLub


WE ARE MOVING!!! Aug 10, 2015

Howdy Ya'll we are packing up and moving to Raleigh/Durham (North Carolina)!!! We are very excited to move down south and make new friends, put up bands that come through and eat all the vegan bbq, drink all the sweet tea and watch some minor league baseball!!!

Brooklyn was great to us, made some great friends, saw some killer shows and was even able to sign a couple local bands who we will miss seeing on a regular basis.

That said, we have some rad shit planned for the fall and once we settle in an announcement will follow. In the meantime, our store is open BUT nothing will ship until 8/18/15. We found some cool out of print LPS and test presses which will be added to the store. If there was something you really want send an email.



Chumped -- 2015 Tour Dates w/ Cayetana, Thin Lips

Aug 01 St. Stevens Church Washington, DC*
Aug 04 Smiling Buddha Toronto, Canada*
Aug 05 The Loving Touch Ferndale, MI*
Aug 06 Mahalls Lakewood, OH*
Aug 07 The Stone Fox Nashville, TN*
Aug 08 The Wrecking Ball 2015 Atlanta, GA
Aug 09 The Pinhook Durham, NC*
Aug 11 Strange Matter Richmond, VA*
Aug 12 The Metro Gallery Baltimore, MD*
Aug 13 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ*^
Aug 14 Middle East Cambridge, MA*
Aug 15 Baby's All Right Brooklyn, NY*

be there or be square!


Chumped leaves today for their stint with the menzingers and roger harvey dont miss out!!!

The band will have the last copies of the second pressing of TR and some though to be lost and long OOP copies of the first pressing!!! The third press should be in soon but will go quick so if you want one scoop one up from the webstore now!

May 28 - Heirloom Arts Theatre - Danbury, CT
May 29 - The Met Cafe - Providence, RI
May 30 - Port City Music Hall - Portland, ME
May 31 - Bar a La Source de la Matrtiniere - Quebec City, Canada%
Jun 02 - Bar Le Ritz PDB - Montreal, Canada
Jun 03 - Ritual Nightclub - Ottawa, Canada
Jun 04 - London Music Hall - London, Canada
Jun 05 - Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI
Jun 06 - Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL
Jun 07 - Remix Chicago - Chicago, IL
Jun 09 - Southgate House Revival Room - Newport, KY
Jun 10 - Frankies - Toledo, OH
Jun 11 - Ace of Cups - Columbus, OH
Jun 12 - Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
Jun 13 - BSP - Kingston, NY


In really cool news, Chumped are heading out with The Menzingers and Roger Harvey this summer for a nice little run. Dates are below!

May 28 - Heirloom Arts Theatre - Danbury, CT
May 29 - The Met Cafe - Providence, RI
May 30 - Port City Music Hall - Portland, ME
May 31 - Bar a La Source de la Matrtiniere - Quebec City, Canada%
Jun 02 - Bar Le Ritz PDB - Montreal, Canada
Jun 03 - Ritual Nightclub - Ottawa, Canada
Jun 04 - London Music Hall - London, Canada
Jun 05 - Pyramid Scheme - Grand Rapids, MI
Jun 06 - Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL
Jun 07 - Remix Chicago - Chicago, IL
Jun 09 - Southgate House Revival Room - Newport, KY
Jun 10 - Frankies - Toledo, OH
Jun 11 - Ace of Cups - Columbus, OH
Jun 12 - Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
Jun 13 - BSP - Kingston, NY


w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad, Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock

March 18Baltimore SoundstageBaltimore, Maryland
March 19Union TransferPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
March 20WarsawBrooklyn, New York
March 21RoyaleBoston, Massachusetts
March 22Petit CmapusMontreal, Quebec
March 24Lees PalaceToronto, Ontario
March 25Grog ShopCleveland, Ohio
March 26The Magic StickDetroit, Michigan
March 27MetroChicago, Illinois
March 28Mill City NightsMinneapolis, Minnesota
March 29The GranadaLawrence, Kansas
March 31Summit Music HallDenver, Colorado
April 2The ShredderBoise, Idaho
April 3NeumosSeattle, Washington
April 4RickshawVancouver, British Columbia
April 5Wonder BallroomPortland, Oregon
April 7SlimsSan Francisco, California
April 10IrenicSan Diego, California
April 11EchoPlexLos Angeles, California

Dates w/ Jeff Rosenstock:

4/13 Phoenix @ 51 West
4/14 El Paso @ Electric Banana
4/16 Austin @ Mohawk
4/17 Dallas @ Sons of Herman Hall
4/18 San Antonio @ Korova
4/19 Houston @ The Summit
4/20 New Orleans @ Sisters in Christ
4/21 Birmingham @ TBA
4/22 Atlanta @ Masquerade/Pergatory
4/23 Carrboro @ Cats Cradle
4/24 Richmond @ Strange Matter
4/25 DC @ Comet Ping Pong
4/26 Asbury Park @ Asbury Lanes


March 12th-18th: Teen Agers only
March 19th-28th: Teen Agers w/ Resolutions

12.03.2015 - Regensburg (GER) @ Alte Mlzerei
13.03.2015 - Amstetten (AT) @ Rock Bar
14.03.2015 - Valasske Mezirici (CZ) @ Majkova Garaz
15.03.2015 - Wien (AT) @ Arena Beisl
16.03.2015 - Berlin (GER) @ Ramones Museum (acoustic)
17.03.2015 - tba (GER)
18.03.2015 - Osnabrck (GER) @ Substanz
19.03.2015 - Hannover (GER) @ Stumpf w/ Resolutions
20.03.2015 - Groningen (NL) @ tba w/ Resolutions
21.03.2015 - Castricum (NL) @ De Bakkerij w/ Resolutions
22.03.2015 - Mainz (GER) @ Haus Mainusch w/ Resolutions
23.03.2015 - Saarbrcken (GER) @ Synop w/ Resolutions
24.03.2015 - Stuttgart (GER) @ JuHa w/ Resolutions
25.03.2015 - Zurich (CH) @ The Gonzo Club w/ Resolutions
26.03.2015 - Milano (IT) @ Blue Rose Saloon (Bresso) w/ Resolutions
27.03.2015 - St. Gallen (CH) @ Sing & Play Festival w/ Resolutions
28.03.2015 - Ludwigsburg (GER) @ Rock'n'Roll Bar w/ Resolutions

Video Premiere! Dec 17, 2014

check out the new Chumped video for "December Is The Longest Month" Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive



Chumped US Tour Dates

Andrew Jackson Jihad -- 2015 Tour Dates
March 18-Baltimore Soundstage-Baltimore, Maryland
March 19-Union Transfer-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 20-Warsaw-Brooklyn, New York
March 21-Royale-Boston, Massachusetts
March 22-Petit Cmapus-Montreal, Quebec
March 24-Lee's Palace-Toronto, Ontario
March 25-Grog Shop-Cleveland, Ohio
March 26-The Magic Stick-Detroit, Michigan
March 27-Metro-Chicago, Illinois
March 28-Mill City Nights-Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 29-The Granada-Lawrence, Kansas
March 31-Summit Music Hall-Denver, Colorado
April 2-The Shredder-Boise, Idaho
April 3-Neumos-Seattle, Washington
April 4-Rickshaw-Vancouver, British Columbia
April 5-Wonder Ballroom-Portland, Oregon
April 7-Slims-San Francisco, California
April 10-Irenic-San Diego, California
April 11-EchoPlex-Los Angeles, California

all dates w/ Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock, Chumped


Chumped's kick ass debute full length is OUT NOW via your favorite digital outlet (our fav is bandcamp (either the anchorless one or the bands). Get it now!!! (or stream it and share it with your pals)

This happens to be Stereogum's ALBUM OF THE WEEK! Check that out HERE

If you want a copy of the first pressing I suggest you order one now as they are almost gone! You can do that HERE



It is with great pleasure that to you all can hear Teenage Retirement in all its glory. I have heard this album so many times over the past 6-8months and love it unconditionally, but now it is your turn. HERE is a link to a fantastic interview and the stream. The CD/LP hits brick and mortar stores on Nov 28th and iTunes/digital on the 18th. If you want a copy of the first pressing I suggest you order one now as they are almost gone! You can do that HERE

Chumped will close out this year on the road and start up again in 2015 more news on that soon! Be stoked!!!



hey hey hey!!!!

PreSale for the Vinyl/CD HERE

Digital pre orders HERE

They have a bunch of tour dates coming up (see below)
so make sure you go say hi to them!!!
Cant wait to see all of you down at FEST!


New CHUMPED song!!! More Tour dates! Sep 30, 2014

Check out "Boats" from Chumped's debut LP TEENAGE RETIREMENT which will be in records stores on Nov 28th!!! Pre orders are coming soon so stay tuned!!

peep the tunes here!!!

and catch them on tour this fall

10/26 Baltimore, MD @TBA
10/27 Durham, NC @Dukes Coffee House w/ Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra
10/28 Orlando, FL @The Peacock Room w/ You Blew It, Mikey Erg, Pup, Little Big League
10/29 FL @TBA
10/30 FL @TBA
11/01 Gainesville, FL @The Fest
11/03 Cincinatti, OH @MOTR Pub w/ Pup
11/04 Pittsburgh, PA @Brillobox w/ Pup
11/05 Washington, DC @DC9 w/ Pup
11/06 Philadelphia, PA @Barbary w/ Pup
11/07 New York, NY @Mercury Lounge w/ Pup
11/08 Boston, MA @Brighton Music Hall w/ Pup
11/09 Cleveland, OH @Grog Shop w/ Antarctigo Vespucci, Hard Girls
11/10 Fort Wayne, IN @The Brass Rail
11/11 Chicago, IL @Township w/ Astpai, Typesetter
11/13 Fort Collins, CO @Surfside 7 w/ Elway, Arliss Nancy, Sour Boy Bitter Girl
11/14 Denver, CO @TBA w/ Living Alone, Stressed
11/15 Oklahoma City, OK The Blue Note
11/16 Kansas City, MO @TBA
11/17 St. Louis, MO @TBA
11/18 Bloomington, IN @TBA
11/19 Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups w/ Slouch
11/20 Pittsburgh, PA @TBA
11/21 Richmond, VA w/ Say-10 Records Anniversary Show


Howdy! Chumped's EP is now out!!! you can scoop it up via bandcamp or your favorite digital retailer. On the fence? Well Brooklyn Vegan is streaming it now!

If you are heading to Riot Fest next week you can catch them playing their first midwest show ever!!!

More news on the LP coming soon!!!!!!



Hey hey!!! You can pre order the new digital EP by bummer punks Chumped entitled "That's The Thing Is Like" (out 9/9) by following this link

why pre order digitally? Well, since most of you are on the dope, it would feel like an act of wizardry if on 9/9 you magically get the Chumped EP (having forgotten not only ordering the thing, but this post as well). OK as you were! More news coming soon


New CHUMPED EP And Video + Free Download!!! Teen Agers Tour update! Aug 20, 2014

Hey hey hey!! Very excited to share a brand spankin new Chumped tune! Our buds at Stereogum are giving away a free download of Hot 97 Summer Jam and you can peep the video as well! Check it out here!!!

Tour dates for Chumped are below!!

08/22 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ The Sidekicks, Sundials, Dowsing
08/30 Rockaway Beach, NY @ Rippers w/ Infinity Hotel
09/05 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar w/ Modern Baseball, Beach Slang, Crow Bait
09/06 Brooklyn, NY @ St Vitus*
09/07 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House*
09/14 Chicago, IL @ Riot Fest Chicago
10/31 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
11/01 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
11/02 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
11/03 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub^
11/04 Pittsburgh, PA @ Brillobox^
11/05 Washington, DC @ DC9^
11/06 Philadelphia, PA @ Barbary^
11/07 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge^
11/08 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall^

* = w/ Cayetana, Albondigas, Spirit of The Beehive
^ = w/ PUP, Beach Slang

Teen Agers will be hitting the road with those bombshells in The Holy Mess (who put out one of our fav records of the year!) Check out the dates below and see you in BK at Vitus!!!

9/19 Philly @ TBD
9/20 Wilmington @ Arcade 1984
9/21 Brooklyn @ St Vitus
9/24 Trenton @ Hill Hill
9/25 Doylestown @ Siren Records
9/26 Baltimore @Charm City
9/27 DC @ TBD

GREENHORN OUT NOW!!! Chumped LIVE on Chris Gethard! Teen Agers Static Sessions, Hurrah History REUNION SHOWS, BEER!!!! Jul 08, 2014

Hey hey hey!!! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We are still settling into our new spot so thanks for dealing with it!

Today we are oh so super stoked to be celebrating the release of Greenhorns debut 10 EP I Want More. It hit stores today so head down to your favorite mom & pop shop and scoop that shit up! If you are into the future (terminators/deloreans/etc) then you can download or stream the record from itunes/spotify/etc BUT we recommend that you scoop it up from our handy dandy bandcamp site so you get the best quality tuneage on the digital side of things. For you nerds out there the 10 vinyl will sell out, and if there is no store near you head over to our webstore and snag one before it is too late! But either way, you should check out the EP because it is fantastic and Roger/Jen really killed it on here and I love it and my son loves it so is a stream being hosted by our pals (THANKS THOMAS) at Absolutepunk!

Have a few other noteworthy items to share with you folks that are still (thanks) with us!

Chumped news! They have finished recording their LP that will be out this fall. It rules, it really does. They recently played live on the totally awesome Chris Gethard Show and you can check out a brand new song at about the 22min mark here but watch the whole show because Chris is the BEST!

Chumped have a couple of great shows coming up this month!

7/18 Gigawatts Festival (BROOKLYN)- w/ Field Mouse, Frankie Cosmos, Dead Stars, etc.

7/19 Philadelphia- w/ motherfucking PLOW UNITED, The Scandals

7/26 Suburbia- w/ Save Ends, Laureate, Cassavettes

Speaking of shows!!!!

Attention Orlando folks! The very first release we put out almost 10 years ago (chumped were still in elementary school) was a split 7" between Hurrah and History. Both bands broke up BUT, there is a reunion show happening!!! Go out and support the bands and their old beer guts! september 6th @ will's pub, Orlando: Vostok, hurrah (CD release - SETH & ZACH FROM HOW DARE YOU), History, Resident Weirdo, Special Guest

Last but not least, Teen Agers delivered at kick ass Static Session performance which you can check out here
OK, if you have made it this far thanks, really thanks...that is a lot to read and way more than a tweet.


MYSTERY BOX!!!! May 24, 2014

We are moving and are looking to clear some space!

For $20 you will get at least $100 worth of goodies!!!
- the boxes will vary but possibly include the following:
- 7"s, LPs, CDs, T Shirts, Coupons for future orders, Koozies, Buttons, Stickers, Slipmats, Posters, Hockey Pucks, Coffee Mugs, TEST PRESSINGS, hoodies, etc!
- no requests please
- we will only have 20 of these available!
USA ONLY!!!! If you live abroad and are interested email us because shipping is expensive.

Head over the the webstore now!!!

GREENHORN EXCLUSIVE SONG AND PRE SALE/Chumped in the studio May 05, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Today we are super stoked to share a new jam entitled I HIT THE WALL from GREENHORN's debut release I WANT MOREbrought to you via our friends at MUSIC HERE

But wait, there's more (get it...because you/I WANT MORE)!

You can now check out the amazing artwork and scoop up a limited edition copy of the 10" (half pink/half blue w/yellow splatter) through our webstore ---> PRE ORDER HERE!!!!

Keep in mind this is a pre order and records will ship once we get them in stock (looks like sometime in june, but it will be in stores july 8th). Dont sleep as these will sell out quick!!!

In a brief Chumped update...we had a the chance to hear some rough mixes of their trip to the studio where they started to record their debut LP and follow up to their kick ass self titled 12"/EP (now in its second pressing). The songs rule and you guys are in for a treat, but more on that later!

It is Cinco De Mayo, so get out there have a beverage or three and enjoy the day.


please welcome GREENHORN (Less Than Jake, NoMore) to the Anchorless Family! Apr 18, 2014

Hey Hey Hey!!! Lets turn this good Friday into a GREAT Friday! Big/lots of news to share so here we go!
First up, we are beyond stoked to welcome GREENHORN to the Anchorless family!!

Whats a greenhorn? Well, it can be a lot of things. If youre an idiot, the word greenhorn could mean a horn thats literally green, but youre smart, so you know just like I do that greenhorn is what grizzled, jaded old veterans call rookies and newcomers to whatever ecosystem of expertise they exist in.

In this particular case, were talking about music. The grizzled, jaded veterans in question are Roger Lima of Less than Jake fame, and Jen Vito of NoMore. Both fixtures in the Gainesville scene, theyve been kicking around for years, taking their respective takes on the central Florida sound all over the world. Enter Sterlo, a dude that this writer had never heard of until he was described by Roger as having a stockpile of riffs. Thats a lot of riffs, and they were apparently good enough to get Jen and Roger inspired, and back into various basement studios and practice spaces to do what they started doing back way when Gary Coleman was still alivecreating songs for the love of the music, practicing, jamming, working parts out, not because it was part of their expected sound or itinerary, but because it was more fun to do than to not do.

The end result is I Want More, a six song 10/ep of no bullshit, dependable, hearty pop-punk, served up Gainesville style with Jen and Roger sharing vocal duties like a modern day Sonny and Cher. I Want More is out July 8, 2014, wherever records are still sold (the internet and garage sales, mostly). -Brendan Kelly

Stayed tuned (get it) to the interwebs for the debut of a sick GREENHORN tune from I Want More, and other kick ass news.

This will be the first 10 we have ever released, and is fitting seeing as this summer will kick off the 10 year anniversary of Anchorless Records! Lots of cool things planned to celebrate 10 years of Anchorless including a show/bash in Brooklyn this August that you wont want to miss!

In other news (which will be brief but awesome).

Check out this video for ELEANOR by Chumped, still not enought here is a PODCAST where they talk about tons of cool things and also make fun of peoples hair, speaking of Chumped, they are almost done recording their debut full length LP which will be out this fall. If you are in the great state of PA this weekend be sure to check those fools out in Philly on Friday and Pittsburg on Saturday with the Gentlemen professionally known as The Holy Mess! Jeff Rowe has been in the studio and so far as expected things sound great and cant wait to share some new tunes with you guys.

We have a couple of bands playing FEST including Chumped and Teen Agers (more announcements to come).

Oh, and the Red Wings are back in the playoffs for the 23rd straight year!!! To celebrate we are having a sale. Get 23% off your order by using the code LETSGOWINGS at checkout. This ends 4/20, bro!



Major News (soon) but Minor news for now. Mar 19, 2014

Howdy friends! Winter is almost over (I hope) and with spring right around the corner...yeah, ok. Anyways on to some news and news about news that we can't share yet.

Chumped has a new tour video that was shot on their latest adventure with Adult Dude. This video for "Eleanor" was shot and directed by all around good guy David Williams (aside from him being a fan of BOTH the Blackhawks and Avalanche)

you can peep it HERE(below)

Keeping with those darlings in Chumped they are demoing for the debut full length and will enter the studio next month to being work on it. We are sure it will be great and are stoked be putting it out! Speaking of putting out...the first pressing of their EP is SOLD OUT AND GONE FOREVER. We have a mini second pressing in the works and should have the in a week or so, please be patient if you order one from our website.

So yeah, speaking of putting out...JEFF ROWE has been recording again and we will fill you in on details as they come in. He is the best person ever and his tunes arent to shabby either. Having been out of Boston and living on the cape for a bit should bring our some wicked good tunes from Jeff.

Oh, and the news we can't share just yet is on a new band we are releasing a debut record for. It is great, the art is great, the people...yes, also great. And what better way to celebrate 10 years of Anchorless Records than by releasing a 10". We will fill everyone in soon and have a tune for you to hear.

OK, think that is it for now...JOEY WHEN WILL YOU UPGRADE THIS OUT OF DATE WEBSITE!!! Yell at joey if you want us to upgrade to a site that is not suck in 2006ish.

Oh, last thing GO WINGS!!! If they are able to sneak into the playoffs this year we will have a crazy sale, I promise.

As you were.


Chumped music video premier Feb 04, 2014

hey hey hey!!! Fresh home from their exhausting tour, today we are stoked to share with you the premier of Chumped's video for "Something About Lemons" brought to you by the AV Club


ps. the first pressing is close to being sold out. Dont sleep!!!

Tour Tour Tour EAST COAST FUCK YOU! Jan 10, 2014

Check out January Tour dates from Teen Agers and Chumped

Teen Agers w/Divided Heaven
Jan. 2nd Norfolk, VA at The Iguana w/ Thomas McDonald & the Record Collection.
Jan. 3rd Baltimore, MD at Sidebar w/ Ex Friends, Ma jolie, Toy Store Riot and more.
Jan. 4th Doylestown, PA at Siren Records w/ Squid Subject A, Ma jolie, Townhouses.
Jan. 5th New Brunswick, NJ at Court Tavern w/ Timeshares, Great Explainer, City Limits.
Jan. 6th Trenton, NJ at Mill Hill Saloon w/ Great Explainer.
Jan. 8th Philadelphia, PA at Golden Tea Room w/ Signals Midwest, Timeshares.
Jan. 9th Providence, RI at Dusk w/ Neutrinos, She Said That.
Jan. 10th Cambridge, MA at Plough and Stars w/ Jeff Rowe.
Jan. 11th Brooklyn, NY at The Gutter w/ Young Leaves, Scarboro.
Jan 12th Alexandria, VA at The Lab w/ Ex Friends, Braceface (CD release)

Chumped w/Adult Dude

Jan. 29 Boston, MA at O'Brien's w/The Fake Boys and Young Leaves
Jan. 30 Providence, RI atThe New Funky Jungle w/ Math the Band and Gertrude Atherton
Jan. 31 New Brunswick, NJ at The Cooler Ranch w/ Worriers and Casual
Feb. 1 Brooklyn, NY at Lulu's w/ Jawbreaker Reunion and Island Twins
Feb. 2 Philadelphia, PA at Golden Tea House w/ Albondigas, Marge and Cool Points

Happy New Year, Friends!!! Dec 31, 2013

Hey folks, just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for such a kick ass 2013!!! We have had the chance to work with some really great bands and people. Lots of new friends were made this year and THAT is the reason we do what we do. Quick recap of awesomeness from 2013!!!

Chumped's EP/12" came out and is fucking great! Their release show at suburbia was one of the best/fun shows I've had in a long time!

Jeff Rowe played some shows in Brooklyn and Boston!!! That weekend "tour" with our good bud, Chris (sundowner) was a blast and featured a lot of overdue hang time!

Treking down to FEST was a good time as always and getting the chance to catch up with and watch Teen Agers jam out in front of a packed house fucking ruled! Their LP "I Hate It" is fantastic!

Getting the chance to work with those Poutine munchers in The Sainte Catherines again was neato! The 10th Anniversary of Art Of Arrogance came out Dec 10th (we have not gotten them from the plant yet but were assured that they are in route, so thanks for your patience on that!)

Oh, my son Alexei was born!!! Can't really capture what that feels like or means here, but I love him and being a dad is pretty rad!

Ok, well...looking forward to some great records and good times in 2014! We were promised a NEW WEBSITE THIS MONTH SO THAT RULES TOO!!!!

Going to watch the Wings/Leafs Alumni games then tomorrow the Winter Classic!



PRE ORDER!!! ALR 025 The Sainte Catherines - The Art Of Arrogance (10 Year Anniversary Reissue) Nov 14, 2013

Do you remember your first punk albums? Albums that influenced you when you were a teenager? The ones that you ended up reading all the lyrics, and then, your life was suddenly meaning something different because of them? These albums that made you feel like leaving home and protest against everything that pissed you off? If there is a ton of albums in the world that fit this profile, there is not a whole lot from Qubec. One of these albums is without hesitation The Art Of Arrogance. From the motorbike noises to Bush's speech, this album pushed us off our boundaries so many times. The art of arrogance, we saw it like a way of life that we were already cherishing, but in the form of a music album, it was pretty much summing all our bad moments and the anger that we had against conformists and politicians. It's been already 10 years since the album came out and it is still an excellent one to start a wild night in Montreal. Perhaps we can now rephrase... Montreal can bleed again! All that to say, we are really happy to announce the repressing of one of the most cult album coming out of the punk rock Quebec scene. In collaboration with Housebreaker (Canada), Anchorless Records (USA) and Flix Records (Europe), a repress of 500 vinyls will see the day on December 10th.

stoked to be part of this release!! presale is up now in the Anchorless Records store!!!

Teen Agers Video Premier!!! Chumped Record Release Show!!! Nov 13, 2013

Check out the world premier of Teen Agers video for "Here We Go Again"

This friday be sure to come to Suburbia in BK for Chumped record release show! Shit is going to be fun times all around.


FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 29, 2013

Hey hey hey!!! I leave for FEST tomorrow so all orders will not go out until the end of next weekish (recovery time taken into account).

So here are a list of set times of bands/Artists that we have been lucky enough to release music for at somepoint during the last 10 years of keeping the dream alive.

Thursday October 31st (look for me...Im dressing as Hanson brother (slapshot not the band)

The Holy Mess @ 8 Seconds 4-430pm
Chumped @ Boca Fiesta/Polomino 620-650 **EXCLUSIVE FEST LPS!!!
The Slow Death @ Durty Nelly's 1-130am

Friday November 1st
Teen Agers @Mars Pub 440-510
Sundowner @The Florida Theater 540-620

Saturday Nov 2nd
Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners) @Loosey's 100-130pm
Joe McMahon (Smoke of Fire) @ Loosey's 145-215pm
Jeff Rowe @ The Lunchbox 540-610
Brendan Kelly @ 8 Seconds 730-800
Off With Their Heads @ 8 Seconds 1020-1100

ummm yeah..see you down there.




Ahoy! Hope everyone is stocked up on the many pumpkin flavored items, fall is upon us and today the Chumped and Teen Agers records are out (digitally). Both of these records are fantastic and will get you in the mood (for all things fall including FEST12)!!!

You can snag both records from your favorite digital retailer (or directly through bandcamp which might be your favorite OR you can still snag a copy on vinyl or CD through our webstore

We are sending a digital download to everyone who pre-orders the LP which should be shipping out in a couple of weeks. Still on the fence? Well, our friends at noisey are streaming Chumpeds EP and the punknews guys are streaming Teen Agers here .

Ok, trying to keep this short and sweet...lets see what else. We will have a table down at FEST so come say hi if youre headed down that way (which you should be).


PRE SALES!!!! Sep 23, 2013

hey hey! The new Chumped EP/12" is now up for pre-sale along with Teen Agers "I Hate It" LP/CD. check it out!!! they are going quick


TEEN AGERS on TOUR with Protagonist and Divided Heaven Aug 06, 2013

08/09 Philly, PA Khyber Pass Pub
08/10 York, PA The Depot
08/12 Allston, MA Great Scott
08/13 New Brunswick, NJ Court Tavern
08/14 Brooklyn, NY St. Vitus
08/15 Baltimore, MD Sidebar
08/16 Richmond, VA Church of Abe
08/17 Washington D.C. The Pinch
08/25 Orlando, FL Will's Pub Central Florida Punk and Hardcore Fest
08/31 Orlando, FL Will's Pub

CHUMPED!!!! Jul 31, 2013

We are beyond stoked to announce that Chumped is now part of the Anchorless Records family!!! Their debut EP will be out this fall as a one sided 12" with sweet B side artwork!! Everyone going down to FEST, these guys (and gal) are not to be missed!!!

Chumped: When youre friends with some chick who you hang out with or whatever, who then starts dating some other chump and never talks to you ever again. This leaves you sitting there on a cold leather couch in your underwear playing Wii bowling, drinking stale MGD, and wondering where the hell your friends are. Dudeyou got chumped.

Check out the exclusive stream of "Something About Lemons" which comes from the upcoming EP.


more info and shit to come!!!

check them out

Check out a new jam from the Teen Agers upcoming LP Jul 15, 2013

TEEN AGERS Jun 24, 2013

Hey hey!!!

Quick update. We will be down at FEST again this year so as the time gets closer we will send out an email about a meetup similar to last year. Good times will be had by all!
Speaking of good times, I heard the new Teen Agers record and it is pretty great. Can't wait to spill the beans on the release info. They will be down at FEST along with the mighty Jeff Rowe. Can't wait til october.

In the meantime enjoy the week!


ps new site is STILL on its way!

ROBOTS!!!! Jun 06, 2013




NEW SITE!!!! soon Mar 21, 2013

Hey! We need a new site and will have one soon. Seems as though the 2013 updates are now gone!!! Huge bummer, but we will have this resolved soon! In the meantime thanks for being cool and understanding. It seems as though y2k hit us 13 years later.
Ok, as you were. A proper update about Volume 3, some sweet re issues, and new tunes from those jerks in Teen Agers who have recorded with Roger from LTJ.


END OF DAYS SALE!!! Or... WE ARE MOVING SALE!!! Dec 18, 2012

Head over to our store to pick up this kick as bundle or a new hoodie or some other stuff!!

We only have a limited number of these available.
Indicate your size for shirt and hoodie at checkout.

1 zip up Hoodie (exclusive cat clock design)
1 t shirt (metal cat/logo/burlesque)based on availability
10 CDs (our choice)
2 LPs (our choice)
3 7"s (our choice)
1 koozie

-20% coupon off your NEXT purchase
- (1) one person will receive a TEST PRESSING in their order

Farewell to How Dare You Nov 09, 2012

We are sad to say it but How Dare You is calling it a day. Their last show was at FEST 11 and it was a doozy. I feel honored to have been able to be there and celebrate one of my favorite bands. I wish the guys all the best in their future endeavors and who knows, we might just put out some new tunes to come by the members!

here is a note from Justin of HDY

Hey there internet world!

I just wanted to thank all of you for attending our last out if town show at Fest 11 and also want to thank everyone for all of the nice messages and kind words via our facebook. The last show was an amazing experiencing and just such a moving and emotional show for us. We truly appreciate everyone who has ever given us a listen, bought a shirt, record or cd and of course anyone who has ever attended a show. It meant everything to me and the guys. We are all still writing/playing/making music still with other projects and i will post updates up here from time to time.

Much Respect To You All


OUT NOW!!!! Bridges/Divides by Jeff Rowe Oct 09, 2012

Hey folks! Very excited to announce that the new full length from Jeff Rowe is out today and can be picked up from your mom and pop record shop, online retailers, in our webstore, and digitally via itunes ect

This record is the perfect soundtrack to fall. Whether it's warm apple cider, pumpkin ale, or a nice smooth bourbon "Bridges/Divides" is the record to throw on, sit back and reflect.

"Bridges/Divides", while still maintaining Rowe's signature raw honesty and powerful lyrics boasts a number of full band tracks that are a bit of a departure from his prior records.

We highly suggest picking this up or giving it a listen on the exclusive full album stream on which will be up tomorrow!!!

In other news, we will be down at FEST this year and look forward to seeing everyone and hoping that many of you will be there with us for How Dare You's final show.

Volume 3 of the 4 way split is coming along and is nearly ready for mastering. The tracks are stellar and can't wait you guys to give it a spin.

Ok, more updates to come but in the meantime...I am going to watch a KHL game, and prepare for no NHL this season which is a huge fucking bummer.

As you were...


Jeff Rowe "Bridges/Divides" Aug 31, 2012

Pick up the new Jeff Rowe album "Bridges/Divides" pre order up now you will receive it before it hits stores

Catch Jeff on tour now!!! He is europe for quite a while!

New update coming soon: How Dare You, 7" Series Updates!, new band!, FEST, and more!!!

Jeff Rowe heading back to Europe!!! Jun 27, 2012

This fall Jeff Rowe will be heading back to visit our friends in the EU (and beyond)!!! He will be out supporting his upcoming record "Bridges" which will be out this fall. We just got the artwork and WOW shit looks hot and the songs are even hotter...don't get me started on the promo pictures (wink). Anyways, more details to come in the next few weeks.

We will also be announcing a brand new member to the Anchorless family in the next week or so. Very excited to share the news with everyone.


Bands announced for Volume 3 of the 4 Way Split Series!!! Jun 18, 2012

Hey folks! Very excited to announce the third installment of the Anchorless Records 4 Way Split 7" Series.

Volume 3 will include: Off With Their Heads, The Slow Death, Sundowner, and The Outsiders.

More details, release date and info coming soon. In the meantime if you don't have Vol 1 (Brendan Kelly, Chris Cresswell, Mike Hale, Jeff Rowe) or Vo1 2 (Dead To Me, In The Red, The Holy Mess, How Dare You) pick up a copy before they are OPP forever!!!


News!!!!!! (Still need a new website though) Jun 03, 2012

Hey! Hey! Hey! It is summer time and things are great over here at the Anchorless HQ. Hope everyone is enjoying their respective summertime festivities. For those of you able to make it to Montreal for Pouzza Fest it was great to meet/have some Canadian Beers/Pizza/Poutine with you! We were lucky enough to have Pouzza Overloard Mr. Hugo Mudie of The Sainte Catherines invite a number of bands that we have released tunes for including Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms, Jeff Rowe, The Holy Mess, and Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners. Check out a couple videos from Pouzza here (jeff rowe) (Brendan Kelly)

Ok on to some news and new releases! Jeff Rowe's new LP Bridges & Divides will be out this fall and man o man it his going to blow minds! What I have heard so far is a collection of Jeff's best stuff to date and that is saying something since his last to records are fantastic! Check out this video of Jeff in Vegas!!! It is a brand new track
Also this fall we expect to have out volume 3 of our 4 Way Split 7" Series...without tipping our hand completely 3/4 of the artists hail from the midwest region and all will likely be down at FEST this year! Speaking of FEST, those handsome devils How Dare You will be playing FEST 11. In the next few weeks we will announce the artists as well as our latest signing which is a group of old men originally from Gainesville who now reside in sunny CA.

For those who slept on the color vinyl of volume 1(Brendan Kelly/Jeff Rowe/Mike Hale/Chris Cresswell) and Volume 2(Dead To Me/In The Red/The Holy Mess/How Dare You) of the 4 way split series we have some left in the store which were misplaced and just discovered! We also have a few copies of Wasted Potential left as well as The Sainte Catherines LP which since they called it a day will most likely not get repressed anytime soon. Now is your chance to score these records, test presses and more by heading to the store!!! Use the code ILOVECATS to save 10% off your next order. This coupon is only good until June 6th so act now!

Well, that is it for now. Big news coming soon!! In the meantime take care of each other and we are routing for the Kings.


follow us on twitter

TECHNOLOGY!!! May 09, 2012

hey folks, looks like y2k hit a bit late, but either way we lost a bunch of news and other content from our site. We are working on getting a brand new site together. In the meantime regular updates are to resume. Don't for get to follow us on twitter

Volume 2 of the 4 Way Split is now up for pre sale!!! Jan 25, 2012

Hey hey Hey!!!

pre sale is now up for Volume 2 of the Anchorless Records 4 Way Split Series!!! and we will have all the preorders shipped by and most likely at your doorstep before feb 14th!!

4 unreleased and exclusive tracks from Dead To Me, The Holy Mess, How Dare You, and In The Red (mike hale, ex Gunmoll).

these will go quick!!

Year end lists from some of the Anchorless family! Dec 21, 2011

Hey folks, it is that time of year. Check out some of the year end lists!!!

(in no specific order)

Mischief Brew - The Stone Operation
Ninja Gun - Roman Nose
Landmines - Commerce and Marx
Great Cynics - Don't Need Much
Larcenist - We Become The Hunted

HUGO MUDIE (The Sainte Catherines)
1- The Vaccines " What Did You Expect From.."
2- Lady Gaga " Born This Way"
3- Rihanna " Talk That Talk"
4- Ryan Adams " Ashes And Fire "
5- Coldplay " Mylo Xyloto"

NIAM HEGARTY - (Outsiders)
-in no specific order

Leatherface - Viva La Arthouse
Red City Radio - The Dangers of Standing Still.
The Heat Tape - Raccoon Valley Recordings.
Banner Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific.
Samiam - Trips

-tough to keep this to 5!

The Holy Mess - ST
Jeff Rowe - New Winter, New England
Dave Hause - Resolutions
Dead To Me - Moscow Penny Ante
How Dare You - The king, the clown and the colonel

Matt(vocals) departs from Nightlights Dec 12, 2011

We wish Matt and the band the best of luck and it was an honor to have released Nightlights' EP, as well as a couple records for Matt's previous band No Harm Done.

You can read a statement from Matt here

SALE SALE SALE Nov 28, 2011

Hey folks!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

We have a pretty great sale going on right now. Take 30% OFF your order by entering the code CYBERSALE at checkout.
Take a moment look at our store for other sweet deals including our 10 for 20 sale. You get 10 CDs for $20!!!

These sales will expire tonight at midnight so don't sleep on these deals!!! ALL ORDERS will come with bonus items such as buttons, 7"s, shirts, CDs, slipmats, Koozies, or stickers!!! They will be randon and rad!!!


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The Sainte Catherines 1999-2012 Nov 16, 2011

" Don't cry because it's over, be happy because it happened "

-Pat Burns

The Sainte Catherines are pulling the plug.

It's been such a long time that we've wondered what to say when the time would come, that we don't really know how to. Here we go.

There are hundreds of reasons for why we are disbanding, some of which even our closes friends would not even understand. Being part of The Sainte Catherines has recently brought more negative energy to our individual lives than positive. We don't want to become pale copies of what we once were, trying to hold on to the glory of the past, or what little we had. Something we are proud of.

We are who we are because of this band. Our friends went to school, worked day jobs, and travelled the world. We did this all through The Sainte Catherines. Our 20's and early 30's went spent travelling thoughout 14 countries and playing over 700 shows. 12 years of our lives, organized around tours, jamming and everything else that comes with it, whether it be good or bad. The feeling now, is that we have accomplished what we set out to do. Whether it was the good days or the bad months, the memories that will last forever.

What will we miss most about these past years? Things like, dumb jokes in the van, stupidities in hotel rooms, eating boiled peanuts while swimming in the ocean, that peculiar look from that unknown woman, and of course... the music. Although the music only seemed to be the pretext to our unique friendship. I'll miss the boys...

Theoren Fleury said at his retirement press conference, Don't stop before the miracle. We lived the miracle many times with The Sainte Catherines. Thank you life.

Thank you to everyone who listened to our band, read the lyrics, came to the shows, bought a record or a t shirt. Thank you to anyone near or far that invested in putting out a record, putting on a show or booked a tour. Thank you to the people that took us into their homes, drove or repaired our van, sold or designed our merchandise, shot a video or a picture, or did an interview. Thank you to all the bands that invited us on tour, anyone that stopped to talk to us, asked for an autograph or just gave us the time of day. Thank you for allowing us to live our adult, teenage and childhood dream.

On a personal sides of things, thank you to all our friends that supported and accepted our choices even if we were not around so often. Thank you to our kids who understood that dad had to go play another show.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone that played in the band. Jf Mnard, Mike Sokolyk, Franois Lessard, Jef Roberge, Rich Bouthiller, Andrea Silver, Pat Sayers, Luc Gagn, Julien Blais, Antoine Parent, Guillaume Nadeau, Pablo Boerr, Jean-Philippe Tass, Simon Poirier, Guillaume Beauregard, Hugues Simard and Mathieu Guilbault.

Final words are often the toughest things to come up with, but out of respect to you, we avoided using one of our dumb inside jokes.

All these years seemed to last so long, with the best of times never lasting long enough. It was incredible. It was magical and it was oh so real. Thank you.

Hugo Mudie

Fred Jacques

Louis Valiquette

Marc-Andr Beaudet,

The Sainte Catherines ( 1999-2012 )

We will be playing our songs one last time. Saying thank you one last time. Come say goodbye in the spring of 2012.

OOP Records Nov 15, 2011

hey guys, we found a few copies of the following records that sold out during their respective pre orders.

Anchorless 4 Way Split 7" Vo1 on trans gold

The Sainte Catherines "Fire Works" on trans red

pick them up here

while your there check out our creepy slipmats...

oh, more news to come but we approved the Tests for Vol2 of the 4 Way Split and they are being pressed now and we should be putting up a pre order soon (I expect these to be at your door step before JC's Birthday)....we are also pressing Jeff Rowe' "New Winter, New England" it will have extra tracks and some sweet packaging... stay tuned.

Read more:

This news won't be fully valid until tuesday! Sneak preview for you guys! Oct 22, 2011

Hey Hey Everyone! Fall is upon us and so are the new records from New Zealands most eligible bachelors the Outsiders. "Shallow Graves" is now available in stores and through your favorite digital retails, of course you can pick up a copy from the band on the road or HERE . You can stream the entire record right
HERE and watch their new video for "My Anwser" HERE . The guys are currently on tour in the USA on their way down to FEST and will be here for most of november and will be sharing the stage with the fine folks from Cobra Skulls, Nothington, Elway, and more!! Check out all their dates HERE

Sticking with our international theme, today also marks the release from Torontos worst curlers (is that what those who participate in a curling match are called) the Permanent Bastards new 7" "Young Girls" is in stores and available digitally. We cannot stop listening to it and highly suggest getting into this band before your little brother beats you to the punch. The boys are on tour and you should head out to their show when they are in your town. In other commerce news, our webstore is the ONLY place to pick up all colors of the 7" in one place (only 15 bundles available) and we also have an exclusive color
HERE Oh we are also now carrying the bands back catalog which is fantastic.

As you guys already know, Mr. Jeff Rowe is a fantastic songwriter and all around good guy, but you may not know that he is a big supporter of the Occupy Boston movement (and righting wrongs in general) and has been spending time down there (he just played a show there). Well, Jeff recently wrote and recorded a song entitled "One Thousand Ways" in which ALL THE PROCEEDS will go to help the protesters who need things like warm clothes, water, etc... HERE is link to the song, you can stream it or donate either way give it a listen and pass along the link. This song will NEVER BE RELEASED other than on this page. Check out Jeff's tour dates HERE

Quick update on Volume 2 of the Anchorless Records 4 Way Split 7" Series which features Dead To Me, The Holy Mess, How Dare You, and In The is at the plant right now and are doing everything in our power to have some copies for the bands before we fly out on Thursday.

We now have super limited and brand new merch in the webstore!!! Shirts, Koozies and slipmats oh my!!!

Ok, if you made it this far, thanks! So as you know FEST is this weekend and we will be down there along with Jeff Rowe, How Dare You, Outsiders, and a ton of other Anchorless Alumni!!! If you are going down there, please come say hi!


Update!!! Pre Sales/Outsiders/FEST!!! Sep 18, 2011

Howdy folks!!! Many apologies for the lack of newsletters. It has been all sorts of y2k over here. Our website's backend (hehe) has been having issues as well as our mail server. That said, we are back and bringing you all the latest and greatest! If you "like" us on facebook or follow us on twitter than you have been in the loop. If you don't, then you should!! and ok, on to the show!

We have two new members of the Anchorless family. Hockey, Curling, Permanent Bastards, Mullets, Health Care. What?

Torontos Permanent Bastards brand spankin new 3 song 7 entitled Young Girls is sure to get that basement party started, along with some Molson that is! Soothing gruff punk rock that is too infectious not to be loved by all. That stallion Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners) filled in on the mic. Think Tom Petty meets Reinventing Axel Rose era Against Me!. The guys will be touring extensively through 2011-2012 including appearances at t Pouzza Fest, NXNE, not to mention...your moms basement and dads garage. We will have a pre-sale for this release up in our store shortly so stay tuned!!!

Next up, are New Zealand's most handsome gentlemen, the Outsiders! These kiwis have been on the road since forming, just under 3 years ago and have already toured the US/Europe/UK Australia and New Zealand with the likes of NOFX, Megadeth, Against Me, Alkaline Trio, Propagandhi, The Flatliners, Lagwagon and Off With Their Heads. "Shallow Graves", is the bands 3rd release and compiles a handful of older gems previously released only in New Zealand along with a larger handful of new jams. These kids are on a on their way to punk rock greatness...or at least a couple nasty hangovers at the FEST 10!!! You can pre order the new CD here

Ok, what else... Oh! This just in, How Dare You's "the king, the clown and the colonel" is now available on vinyl! We just got these in and they are going fast. They will be in stores on oct 25th, but you can snag your copy now! We are the only place to pick up the exclusive color vinyl (100 on bright orange, 250 on white) of course we have the bundle which includes all 3 colors...pick up a copy here

Volume 2 of our 4 way split 7" series is now in production (after a series of technical issues) and we will keep you posted on when pre sale will be up. We hope to have the bands some copies in time for FEST!!! This volume includes exclusive unreleased jams from Dead To Me, How Dare You, In The Red, and The Holy Mess.

Well, the leaves are coming down and the bourbon tastes a bit smoother than normal. Fall is upon on us and expect more news soon include all new anchorless merch, a video from the Outsiders, tracks from Permanent Bastards, nude pictures of Jeff Rowe and more!!


Permanent Bastards join Anchorless Records! Sweet, eh! Jul 19, 2011

Howdy folks, it has been a minute and many apologies for the delay in updates...that is why you should follow us on twitter/facebook/next big thing...

Anyways...lets cut to the chase we would officially like to welcome Permanent Bastards to the Anchorless Records family. They guys are fantastic (and Canadian) and we are honored to be releasing their debut 7" "Young Girls" out this fall.

Talk about handsome, these Molsen drinking Player smoking Toronto kids have turned out one solid 7" hey-yoooo! They remind me of older Against Me and current day Flatliners. But don't take my word for it, check them out on the Warped Tour or right here

For those wondering, the How Dare You LP is at the plant and you can expect a pre-order for that soon. We are also finishing up the artwork for the vinyl version of Jeff Rowe's latest release "New Winter, New England".

Speaking of Jeff, he is out and about hitting the east coast so get out and buy him some new shorts and a PBR.

Ok, lets talk soon.


Volume 2 of our 4 way split 7" Series announced!!! Jun 30, 2011

Howdy folks!!! We are very excited to announce that Volume 2 of our 4 Way Split 7" Series will feature some of our favorite bands and people!!!

The line up includes: Dead To Me/The Holy Mess/How Dare You/In the Red (ex Gunmoll).

Details will follow shortly along with a couple more scheduled releases!!!


PUNKNEWS CONTEST!! WOOO oh, and How Dare You gets S&M Jun 17, 2011

Hey folks, before you all drown your sorrows in that special glass of bourbon or cheap can of beer make sure you swing by to enter a contest that will score you a bunch of goodies from your pals in How Dare You, and that young chap from Allston, MA Mr. Jeff Rowe. Here is the link

And yes, it is true we are very excited to announce that we will be releasing HDY's most recent effort "the king the clown and the colonel" on vinyl. This is a co release with our good ole' pal Mr. Sandy Bitman, owner of Ametur Records.
You folks (not many) may have noticed their sweet logo on ALR 1. Yup its a family reunion.

Ok, go out there and enjoy life. This weekend hug your dad, or someones dad.


oh, next week we will be announcing all the bands on Volume 2 of the 4 way split series!!!

BRUINS Win and So Can You!!! Jun 15, 2011

use the coupon code BRUINS to save 20% off your order from


Streaming Music, Contests, and HDY Vinyl!!! Jun 04, 2011

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well these days!

We are going to keep this short and sweet, yet jam packed with enough to keep you busy for a bit!

Jeff Rowe is in Russia right now, and you can read all about that and his entire European tour by checking out these links!! AMP Magazine is hosting Jeff's tour journal and man o man Mr. Rowe sure knows how to keep you at the edge of your seat with his compelling accounts of being abroad!

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4

And if you click HERE you can stream Jeff's new EP New Winter, New England in all of its glory!

Would you rather see some hot live action? Check out this live video of Jeff playing "Swing Blindly" which was released on Vol 1 of our 4 way split 7" Series HERE

Those handsome devils in How Dare You have been receiving rave reviews for their latest record "the king, the clown and the colonel" and can stream that bad boy HERE and check out a review

Click HERE to vote for HDY's artwork as the best of the month!!!

We also wanted to let you guys know that we will be releasing "the king, the clown and the colonel" on vinyl. You can expect it to be out late summer/early fall. Stay tuned for more details. We are teaming up with Amaturecords to bring this to your collective turntable.

The Sainte Catherines have released a new 7" that is out now on Asian Man Records. the guys just played Pouzza Fest and here is a video from that HERE

For those wanting to pick up some vinyl now is the time! We have some sweet sales going on, and also found a hand full of OOP records! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE STORE

Ok, so this was longer than expected (that's what she/he said, eh?) enjoy your day and hopefully the Bruins can even the series tonight.


Jeff Rowe and How Dare You OUT NOW!!! May 09, 2011

Howdy folks! The weather is getting warmer and the Stanley Cup Finals are quickly approaching. School is almost out and the beer gardens are opening up. Ok enough of the gibber gabber. We have news to report!

Today marks the official release date for 2 great albums. How Dare Yous the king, the clown and the colonel and Jeff Rowes New Winter, New England hit record stores as well as your favorite digital retailer today. Our friends at AP are hosting another track off of Jeffs record which you can check out here a full album stream will be up next week!!!

Jeff is currently on tour in Europe so if you are living in those parts you should go to a show and say hello to Jeff and Alissa. Select dates are with Frank Turner, Franz Nicolay, The Slackers, Spanish Gamble, and GWAR.

You can check out HDYs brand new album in its entirety thanks to our friends at punknews which you can check out here!!!

Those chaps are also Orlandos featured band and you can read more about that here

You can expect Jeffs EP and HDYs LP to be available on vinyl in the near future, or at least in time for everyones favorite October music gathering.

We now have a few bundles of the 4 way split series back in our store, they will be gone so pick one up now!

Ok, that is all for now. Oh make sure you check out our good friend at he is an amazing artist and has worked with bands such as D4, Hot Water Music, The Bouncing Souls, Alkaline Trio, and more!

Pre Sales and new tunes!!! Apr 07, 2011

Hey folks! Hope everything is well with each and every one of you. Spring is here, well not really if you live in the northeast or midwest, or well I guess some other great places.

But what is here is your chance to snag the new albums by How Dare You and Jeff Rowe. Both are now up in our webstore for pre ordering. They do not come out til May 10th...BUT they will start shipping within the next 2 weeks or so. These are two amazing albums that we are super proud to be a part of.

Want to hear for yourself how good these albums might be? Head over to AMP's website and listen to a track from each artist!!! Want more? Check out the latest podcast from those lovely people PUNKNEWS.ORG

So yeah, what else.... oh! Volume 1 of our 4 Way split 7" Series has been shipping out as fast as we can get them out the door. These will be OOP sooner rather than later so pick up a copy! If you want a button and patch pick it up from
If you want exclusive color get it from our webstore. These will be in stores next tuesday along with hitting itunes and your favorite record shop.

Ok, go outside and enjoy life.


Check out artwork and track listings for Jeff Rowe and How Dare You Mar 27, 2011

Jeff Rowe will be hitting the road next month for a Canadian Tour!!! Pretty great news, eh? His new album will be out on May 10th via Anchorless Records.
all dates with Colin Moore

April 15th- Montreal @ L'Esco
April1 6th- Qubec @ Scanner
April 18th- Saguenay @ Cgep de Chicoutimi
April 21st- Lavaltrie @ Chasse Galerie
April 22nd- Kingston @ The Next Church Hall
April 23rd- St-Andr Avelin @ Le P'tit Caf de L'Auberge

You can view the artwork and track listing for Jeff Rowe.

And you can view the art/track listing for HDY by clicking this link

4 Way Split 7" PRE SALE IS UP NOW Mar 12, 2011

You will be entered to win a TEST PRESSING!!!

The first installment of the Anchorless Records 4 way split 7" Series. It features Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms/The Falcon, Mike Hale of Gunmoll/In The Red, Jeff Rowe, and Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners.


Track Listing:
Brendan Kelly - The March Of The Elephants
Jeff Rowe - Swing Blindly

Mike Hale - I'm A Runaway
Chris Cresswell - Liver Alone

In Stores April 12th. Will start shipping before the end of March
As usual we will have the exclusive color vinyl for this.

150 trans gold
350 trans green

Remainder on Black

Pre Sale starts soon!!! Jeff Rowe Studio Update!!! Mar 08, 2011

hey folks, pre sale for Volume One of our 4 way split series featuring Brendan Kelly, Mike Hale, Jeff Rowe, and Chris Cresswell will go up in the next few days.
The records will ship to you before the release date of April 12th.

We got an update from Mr. Rowe regarding the new EP that we are releasing this May.
All has been recorded and the mixing is happening now!!! We can't wait to have you all hear this. "New Winter, New England" is going to be one of those albums.


FREE DIGITAL COMP!!! Feb 21, 2011

Hey folks! Today we are happy to give you all something for free! Thats right, we have put together a digital comp featuring some classic tunes from the likes of Wolves And The Radio, Fallen From The Sky, The Sainte Catherines, Brendan Kelly, and more!!! Additionally, this comp has a previously unreleased track from How Dare You, and a Demo from Jeff Rowe. The final versions of these songs will appear on their upcoming releases "the king, the clown, and the colonel" and "New Winter, New England" respectively. Both albums will be out in early May.


cut and paste this link and send it to everyone you know! It is FREE

Update on the 4 way split 7" series volume one! test presses approved. pre sale to begin in a couple weeks.

New Jeff Rowe EP Feb 07, 2011

Jeff Rowe's follow up to "Barstool Conversations" will be out this spring. The EP entitled "New Winter, New England" will showcase the best songs Jeff has written to date. 2011 will see Jeff heading out on the road for extensive tours to Canada, Europe, Russia, and the good ole' U S of A!!!

Packing and Moving no shipping 2-7 through 2-14 Feb 05, 2011

hey guys, today all stock is being packed for our upcoming move so if you order items from now until feb 14th they WILL NOT SHIP until 2-15-11. As of now all orders have been shipped and we are fully caught up.
Thanks for understanding.


How Dare You joins Anchorless!!! Jan 31, 2011

Ahoy! Today we are excited to welcome How Dare You, hailing from Orlando, FL to the Anchorless Records family. I have been a huge fan of this band since 2008 when their first record came out.

Expect "the king, the clown, the colonel" to be out late spring! This band kinda brings things back our very first release seeing that Seth from HDY played in Hurrah.
Isn't that just lovely, no?
In the meantime visit HDY on facebook

We will be throwing a new HDY song onto a FREE comp in couple weeks which will go out in our newsletter and be posted on some websites, message boards, etc. And hosted from our bandcamp. Basically if you get a hold of the comp, please post it everywhere!!! It will include new, rare, live, and unreleased songs from all your favorite Anchorless artists both past and present.

Expect lots of news in the near future including release dates for a new EP from Jeff Rowe, and the first installment of our 4 way split 7" series featuring Brendan Kelly, Mike Hale, Chris Creswell, and Jeff Rowe.


Label Profile by AMP MAGAZINE Jan 26, 2011

Hey guys, check out this label profile that the fine folks at AMP did on our little operation!!! You can find it HERE

Oh, we will be receiving the Lacquer master this week for Vol.1 of our 7" Series.
Artwork will be posted soon!

In the next couple weeks will be announcing 2 new releases and one new addition to the Anchorless family.

4 Way Split 7" Series Jan 17, 2011

hey guys, we are very excited to announce the first in a series of 4 way split 7"s that we will be releasing. Volume one features tracks from Brendan Kelly(Lawrence Arms), Mike Hale(Gunmoll/In The Red), Jeff Rowe, and Chris Cresswell(The Flatliners).

Stay tuned for details, but expect this to be out early spring!!!


Wolves And The Radio OUT NOW!!! Jan 10, 2011

Hey folks tomorrow January 11th you can pick up the brand spankin' new album by Wolves And The Radio at your local record shop or via your favorite digital store. This is one of my favorite records made by a group of the best kids you ever want to meet! People have been saying that it has an early American Steel, Hot Water Music, Get Up Kids vibe to it. Maybe you agree maybe not. Either way you can hear it for your self by clicking HERE, it will take you to a full album stream courtesy of those hooligans at

If you live in the Boston area, tomorrow night you can catch them live at Great Scott for the record release show which also has fellow Anchorless artist Jeff Rowe.


Jeff Rowe Review and The Sainte Catherines Switchboard Session! Jan 08, 2011

Ahoy! Check out THIS review of Jeff Rowe's debut "Barstool Conversations" it came all the way from the country responsible for waffles(the food, not the person)

And when you are done with that good little read, head on over HERE to check out The Sainte Catherines appearance on Switchboard Sessions!!! There is a great article and 2 songs; an acoustic version of Better Like This and a Ryan Adams Cover. Both recorded live over the phone! Hear the songs HERE

Big news coming this week about 2 new releases set for 2011!!


Nightlights on tour Jan 07, 2011

Hey guys, hope the new year is treating you right so far! Check out these tour dates for Nightlights who are out supporting "Long Way Home"

Thurs 1/6 @ 321 LOCAL (Cocoa, FL)
Fri 1/7 @ CAFE DAVINCI -112 W Georgia Ave-(Deland, FL)
Thurs 1/13 @ JACK'S BAR -(Daytona, FL)
Fri 1/14 @ BALLARD REC CENTER -30 Nimitz Ave.-(Brunswick, GA)
Sat 1/15 @ HOOPS TAVERN -47 W Amelia St.- (Orlando, FL)
Sun 1/16 @ THE HANGOUT -13490 SE. Hwy ocklawaha-(Ocala, FL)
Mon 1/17 @ BECK'S UNDERGROUND -1121 Beck Ave.-(Pensacola, FL)
Tues 1/18 @ THE WAREHOUSE -10240 Burbank Drive-(Baton Rouge, LA)
Wed 1/19 1/19 @ HOUSTON HOUSE OF CREEPS -2710 Carrolton St.-(Houston, TX)
Thurs 1/20 @ HEADHUNTERS - 720 Red River St.-(Austin, TX)
Fri 1/21 @ THE WHITE RABBIT -2410 N. St. Mary's- (San Antonio, TX)
Sat 1/22 @ THE NAY LAIR -10756 Lima St-(El Paso, TX)
Sun 1/23 @ UNIT C-8 -657 W. St Marys Road-(Tuscon, AZ)
Mon 1/24 (San Diego, CA)
Tues 1/25 (Los Angeles, CA)
Wed 1/26 @ THE WAREHOUSE -12th & G 13390 12th St.-(Chino, CA)
Thurs 1/27 (Bakersfield, CA)
Friday 1/28 @ MEATHEADS -1121 S. Decatur Blvd- (Las Vegas, NV)
Sat 1/29 (Phoenix/Tucson, AZ)
Sun 1/30 @ FUSION FACTORY -606 Central St-(Alburquerque, NM)
Mon 1/31 @ THE WISE MONKEY - 1022 B Broadway Ave-(Lubbock, TX)
Tues 2/1 @ THE INBETWEEN -2609 rock island blvd.-(Enid, OK)
Wed 2/2 @ THE REVERB -5528 E 11th street-(Tulsa, OK)
Thurs 2/3 @ DOWNTOWN MUSIC HALL -211 W. Capitol Ave-(Little Rock, AK)
Fri 2/4 @SOUNDSTAGE -1008 Oak Street-(Conway, AR)
w/Tired & True

Sat 2/5 (St. Louis, MO)
Sun 2/6 (Chicago, IL)
Mon 2/7 (Chicago, IL)
Tues 2/8 (Gary, IN)
Wed 2/9 (Indianapolis, IN)
Thurs 2/10 @ MACS BAR -2700 E. Michigan Ave.-(Lansing, MI)
Friday 2/11 @ HOUSE SHOW 424 OAK ST.(Kalamazoo, MI)
Sat 2/12 @ DUDE LOCKER -527 East Hudson Street-(Columbus, OH)
Sun 2/13 @ ROUND HOUSE (Natrona Heights, PA)
Mon 2/14 (Harrisburg, PA)
Tues 2/15 @ YESTERDAYS -1056 Main Street-(Wheeling, Wv)
Wed 2/16 (Nyack, NY)
Thurs 2/17 @ HEIRLOOM ARTS THEATRE -155 Main Street, Suite 103-(Danbury, CT)
w/Captian, We're Sinking

Fri 2/18 (Long Island, NY)
Sat 2/19 @ THE CRACKER FACTORY -108 W. Thompson street-(Philadelphia, PA)
Sun 2/20 @ CHARM CITY ART SPACE -1731 Maryland Ave.-(Baltimore, MD)
Mon 2/21 @ ROCK GARDEN w/ Hold Tight! (Richmond, VA)
Tues 2/22 (Durham, NC)
Wed 2/23 @ SUITE 8 -1225 Pendleton St.-(Greenville, SC)
Thurs 2/24 (Atlanta, GA)
Fri 2/25 @ THE ORPHEUM -1902 N Avenida Repubilca De Cuba-(Tampa, FL)

Wolves And The Radio/Sainte Catherines LPs now shipping Dec 28, 2010

Yep, thats right the Sainte Catherines LPs are now shipping check out some pictures
HERE and pick up a copy HERE. We just got them today and will have everything out the door before friday.
Also even though the Wolves And The Radio record is not out til Jan 11th we have been shipping them out early so order up kids and be the coolest kid after winter break ends!

Dying Scene did a label spotlight/interview with me (Neil) which you can check out
HERE I might have spilled the beans on a new release...

AMP Magazine put together a great comp and 3 songs from Anchorless bands, Wolves And The Radio, Nightlights, and The Sainte Catherines are a part of it download it HERE

Oh, WATR are playing a show tomorrow night at The Ant Cellar in Lowell check out the details HERE

talk to you folks in 2011!!!


HUGE END OF YEAR SALE!!! Dec 16, 2010

December 16, 2010 Anchorless Records Newsletter!!!

Howdy Everyone, the year is winding down quickly and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support of what we do here at the label and especially the support you show our hard working bands/artists.

As a way of saying thanks we are having a pretty huge sale. Many LPs and CDs are 50% off as well as T Shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Koozies! At the end of this email you will find a complete list of the mark downs. This sale will only last a couple days.
Oh, and we have decided after to talking to Jeff Rowe that we are making his amazing debut full length "Barstool Conversations" available digitally on a donation basis which you can get by going here

Another update on the Sainte Catherines LPs. So as by now you all should know after the many news updates posted by us in newsletters, facebook/twitter/myspace, message boards, websites etc...that the LP had some set backs due to issues at the plant beyond our control and likely due to it being . That said everything is resolved and we should be receiving them very soon, likely within the week. Once we have them they will be rushed out of here and right to you patient folks, along with a token of our appreciation.

Things to look forward to in 2011!!! First of all WOLVES AND THE RADIO have a new record coming out on 1/11/11!! These are up for pre order right now and will ship before the new year! This record is amazing and reminds me of Rogues March era American Steel/ Four Minute Mile era Get Up Kids/ No Division era Hot Water Music.
Dont believe me? Check out two NEW songs up now on our myspace!!

Also, we have a slew of splits, and other great releases coming your way. Expect the first announcement just after new years!

Lastly, please post your top 5 records of 2010 on our facebook page!!!


JEFF ROWE- Barstool Conversations Black LP was $10 now $5
JEFF ROWE- Barstool Conversations Exclusive Color LP was $12 now $7
JEFF ROWE- Barstool Conversations CD was $10 now $5

All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash (Bouncing Souls, Gaslight Anthem, etc)
CD was $10 now $5
Color LP was $12 now $7

Tumbledown/Yesterdays Ring split 7
Color Vinyl was $6 now $3

Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon -Wasted Potential
CD was $10 now $6
COFFEE MUG was $7.50 now $4.50

Hurrah/History split 7
Color Vinyl now only $1

No Harm Done Our Day of Days AND The Start Of Something New
Both are 50% off!!! $5, $3
Nightlights Long Way Home
CD was $6 now $3
T shirt/CD Bundle was $17 now $9

Anchorless T Shirts
was $10 now $5

Test Pressings ALL MARKED DOWN!!! UP TO 50% off
The Sainte Catherines, Jeff Rowe, All Aboard, Junius, Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon, and more!!!

Check out the package deals we having going on as well!!!

Also, dont forget that PRE ORDER for Wolves And The Radio s/t full length is now up and will ship before the new year!

Wolves pre sale, Free Downloads!!! Dec 07, 2010

Hey there, tonight Jeff Rowe is playing with Ninja Gun and Fake Problems at Great Scott in Allston. Doors are 830 and Jeff plays first, which means he gets to drink first!

Wolves And The Radio debut S/T cd is now up for presale in the webstore and on interpunk. It comes out Jan 11th but will ship out much sooner.

As previously mentioned Brendan Kelly, Joe McMahon, Jeff Rowe, and The Sainte Catherines are playing at Death To False Hope FEST in January.
If you go HERE you can download songs from 98% of the bands playing and all those on Anchorless including an unreleased Brendan Kelly song.


Shows, Interviews, and new release info Dec 01, 2010

Howdy folks and a Happy Hanukkah to all the Heebs! A lot has been going on over here. Thanks to those who took advantage of our thanksgiving sale. We will be doing some neat stuff over the next few weeks including posting a sweet new package deal.

The debut album from Wolves And The Radio is finished and will be showing up in about a week. They are up for pre-sale in our webstore and will ship before xmas. Speaking of shipping...The Sainte Catherines LPs have been fixed and should be heading our way from the plant any day now.

Jeff Rowe was just added to the Fake Problems/Ninja Gun show on Dec 7th @ Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Jeff will also be joining fellow Anchorless alumni Joe McMahon, Brendan Kelly, and The Sainte Catherines this January at the Death To False Hope Fest in Durham, NC this January. Click HERE for more info!

Since we are talking about Jeff, he has a pretty sweat feature in this months AMP Magazine issue #104. Interpunk has them for a buck fifty!! You can pick up a copy

Our friends over at Dying Scene interviewed Hugo from The Sainte Catherines which you can read
HERE and if you'd like to see what those folks had to say about the record you can check out a review

Okay, be good everyone!


Thanksgiving Sale Nov 24, 2010

Hey want to save some money? Great! We are having a thanksgiving sale! Save 15% on all orders placed between now and tuesday november 30th. Select items are an additional 25-60% off. Just visit our webstore and at checkout use the code TOFURKY
you will also receive some free goodies with each order!
Expect a bunch of sales this holiday season!

TSC interview, review, and WOLVES update Nov 20, 2010

Hey guys, check out this INTERVIEW with The Sainte Catherines
and also THIS review of their new record.

Just listened to the final master for the upcoming Wolves And The Radio record, and man o man is it great! I am so excited for this to come out and for everyone to hear it!

Have a great weekend!

The Lawrence Arms merch up now in the webstore Nov 16, 2010

Hey guys, so for those of you on the east coast this past week The Lawrence Arms were out on tour. They ended up in Boston for the last 2 show(a blast by the way) and instead of taking all their merch back to Chicago they asked me to put the left overs in our webstore.

So, we have a limited number of items and sizes(mostly small) of t shirts, hoodies, and girl tank tops. Many are sporting the bands 10th anniversary logo either on the front or the back. So if you missed the shows, want to make yourself or your girlfriend/boyfriend more attractive or just got loaded and forgot to pick something up at the show, now is the time! I have to say the hoodie is very cozy and the orange Ts look rad.

We also have the screen printed version of Wasted Potential featuring Brendan Kelly(The Lawrence Arms) and Joe Mcmahon(Smoke or Fire) there are hand numbered and /100. I think there are only about 20 of them left and 5 on White vinyl.

Go here to browse and score some sweet gear/music

Wolves And The Radio join Anchorless Records!!! Nov 11, 2010

Howdy folks! Today I am very excited to welcome Wolves And The Radio to the Anchorless Records family.

"Wolves and the Radio are a band that harkens back to a time when punk was more about heart than hair. Wolves are based in Boston, Massachusetts with members hailing from Upstate NY and Portland, Maine.
There is a moment when you hear a band that you know will stay with you and be a part of your life's soundtrack, Wolves are absolutely one of those bands that make you feel like wading through the sea of disingenuous music was well worth it."
These upstate New York transplants have been turning heads throughout the Northeast and causing massive amounts of spillage in basements and clubs alike. Don't believe me? Head over HERE to hear a song entitled Kellegra which will be on their full length CD/LP out in January 2010.
If you are in the Boston area, Wolves and the Radio are playing tonight and you can scoop the details below
You should "like" them on facebook!/pages/Wolves-And-The-Radio/173004852714072

Well that sure was some great news, now some not so great news... The Sainte Catherines LPs have been delayed a bit longer due to problems with the record itself. Side B was messed up and it is being fixed as you read. Will have these records out to you folks as soon as possible. Looks like our 13th release is not so lucky! But, 10 and 12 are pretty lucky and if you have not done so already you should head over to our webstore and pick up a screen printed Brendan Kelly/Joe Mcmahon LP or one of the Jeff Rowe screen printed LPs. Both are hand numbered /100 and /50 respectively. Check those out

Tune in to on saturday at 7pm for an interview with The Sainte Catherines.

We have a contest going on which everyone can win something! Just post a picture of you wearing your anchorless shirt/hoodie out and about on our facebook or yours! It could be one of our artists as well. Send us a link and we will send you free shit!

Ok enjoy your weekend, I know I will! Anyone going to The Lawrence Arms shows? See you there

Back from FEST Nov 04, 2010

Back from FEST and back to work. Wow what a great time gainesville was! Seeing so many old friends and making a bunch of new ones is what that weekend is all about, that and $2 PBRs, beards, and punk rock!
I got in on Saturday with the Sainte Catherines who played their CD release show on Friday here in Boston. So I missed Jeff Rowe and Nightlights sets, however from what I was told both were a good time!
I was able to make it to The Sainte Catherines and Junius on sunday. Both sets were amazing! Hope that everyone who went had as good a time as I did. My favorite set of FEST was by the band called The Menzingers who blew my mind they have a record out on Red Scare and I highly suggest you pick up a copy!

Ok, this week AOL/Spinner are streaming "Fire Works" which you can check out HERE . If you'd like a free download of We Used To Be in Love, our friends at FUSE are hosting that HERE .

An update on the vinyl for Wasted Potential and Fire Works. The repress of the Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon split are on their way, we have had the jackets and koozies for a while but the plant from what I have been told is way backed up. This also explains the color LPs for The Sainte Catherines. By now, if you ordered TSC lp I have sent you a digital download code for the record. The Red LPs are sold out, only way to snag one now is as a bundle which you can score HERE We expect to have these shipping out within 2 weeks. Thanks for being patient.

Oh, and expect us to announce our newest band tomorrow, or early next week.

Oct 26, 2010

Howdy folks! Today The Sainte Catherines new record Fire Works is out in stores and also available through your favorite digital outlet! Still on the fence about the record, well our friends over at PUNKNEWS are streaming the full record so check it!
Here is a
REVIEW to further entice you to pick up a copy!!!
And here, for your viewing pleasure is an
INTERVIEW with the guys discussing Fire Works

For all you guys who pre-ordered the album, the CDs and hockey pucks have shipped out. Some of the vinyl is running about a week or so behind schedule (which we just found out about) so we thank you in advance for your patience it will be worth the wait! *note if you ordered vinyl and any other item, they will all ship once the vinyl is here.
By the way, we only have a handful of the color LPs, pucks, and bundles left!!!
So if you did not pick out a copy yet now is the time!! We will also be posting some test pressings in our STORE shortly.

For those of you going to the Boston show this Friday at OBriens and those attending FEST this weekend the guys will have a limited number of FEST PRESSINGs. They will be hand numbered.

In other news, Jeff Rowe has a number of US dates which you can check out here including a performance at FEST check out a review of Jeffs record
Nightlights are also playing FEST and have added 2 new members and are currently working on their follow up to Long Way Home and debut full length.

Oh, and we signed a new band. More information and an official press release will follow including an MP3 shortly after FEST. In the meantime if you are headed down to FEST and want to meet up and get some free shit or buy me a cocktail shoot over a quick email!

Ok, enjoy your week.

Like us! oh, and a review of "Fire Works" 5/5!!! AND Jeff Rowe plays Boston!! Oct 12, 2010

Hey everyone, are you on facebook? Sure you are!
If we get to 500 "likes" by Halloween we will have a contest for ONE lucky winner to win 5 different test pressings!!!. Click
SUGGEST TO FRIENDS under our main pic!!!
Here is the link to our page FACEBOOK

Check out a review for "Fire Works"

Tomorrow night be sure to come out to O'Brien's Pub in Allston to welcome home Jeff Rowe!


Jeff Rowe US tour dates!! Oct 06, 2010

Hey guys, Jeff is heading back to the U S of A and will be touring all over the place! Check out the dates here.

Oct 13 2010 8:00P
OBriens Allston, Massachuse
Oct 15 2010 8:00P
Bar Three Fifty-Five Oakland, California
Oct 16 2010 8:00P
Parish Publick House Santa Cruz, California
Oct 19 2010 8:00P
Live Culture Santa Barbara, California
Oct 22 2010 7:00P
The Basement Amarillo, Texas
Oct 23 2010 4:30P
Bill's Records In Store Dallas, TX
Oct 23 2010 8:00P
Dunn Bro's Coffee Dallas, Tx
Oct 24 2010 7:00P
Cherrywood Coffee Austin, Texas
Oct 26 2010 10:00P
Neutral Ground New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct 29 2010 9:00A
Fest Gainesville, FL
Oct 30 2010 10:30A
Fest Gainesville, FL
Oct 31 2010 10:30A
Fest Gainesville, FL
Nov 1 2010 9:00P
The Wormhole Savannah, Georgia
Nov 2 2010 9:00P
Empire Richmond, Va
Nov 3 2010 9:00P
St. Elmo's Coffee Pub Alexandria, VA
Nov 4 2010 9:00P
The Fire Philadelphia, Pennsylvan
Nov 7 2010 8:00P
The Raven Oswego, NY
Apr 8 2011 5:00P
Get Better! Fest Keene, New Hampsh
Apr 9 2011 1:00P
Get Better! Fest Keene, New Hampsh

Contests! Interviews! and Fest! oh my Oct 01, 2010

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great week.
First things first! We are very excited to have 5 of our artists appearing at this years FEST in gainesville so if you are down there check them out and buy them a shot or a PBR or offer Hugo a shave!
Jeff Rowe, The Sainte Catherines, Junius, Joe McMahon(smoke or fire), and Nightlights will be down there along with legions of other great artists in one of my favorite towns in the country!

Earlier this week our friends at AMP posted this interview with Hugo of The Sainte Catherines, which you can read
HERE and Hugo being the people person that he is also was interviewed by THESE FOLKS while playing with Melincolin in Ottawa.

Want some great goodies for FREE? Sure you do! Interpunk is running a contest and we are giving away a ton of limited edition LPs, some CDs, shirts and more so click HERE to enter!

Oh, last thing here is another review of Jeff Rowe's "Barstool Conversation" HERE speaking of Jeff, I cannot wait til he gets back to the USA for some cocktails on the stoop!

The Sainte Catherines PRE SALE and MORE!!! Sep 22, 2010

Anchorless Newsletter for September 21, 2010

Howdy folks! Today I am going to try my best to keep this short and sweet.

We have a few things to cover, mainly regarding commerce!!!

Yep, today we put up the pre order for The Sainte Catherines new record Fire Works we have a color vinyl bundle with a screen printed poster (only 35 of these are available and you will be entered to win a test pressing!!!), exclusive color vinyl(100 on Translucent Red, 200 on Translucent Green), a hockey puck (only 100 of these) w/digital download, and of course everyones favorite the CD!

Head over to to get a FREE DOWNLOAD of We Used To Be In Love the first track from Fire Works.

Whats that? You want more records to pre order? Well here you go, we are repressing a short run of Wasted Potential which is the acoustic album featuring Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire. We have 100 hand numbered screen printed jackets up in our store and they will ship around the same time as The Sainte Catherines LP. Wait, but you still have copies in the webstore! True, we have less than a dozen on white! So it is now or never on those! Oh, and we will be including FREE koozies with your order(while they last)!

In addition to the Pre Orders, we have posted new Test Pressings, and some older out of print records we dug up, and a handful of Jeff Rowe screen printed record release show LPs!!! Speaking of Jeff and the release show, our buddies at National Underground have posted some footage of the show which includes Anchorless alumni Joe McMahon which you can check out here

Oh, I almost forgot we have a wild CD sale going on right now, 7cds for $25...that is less than $5 each. Interested in picking up our very first release? Well it is only $1, thats right ALR:001 for just $1. We got back a box of them and need to clear some space. Both bands on the split 7 are great; Hurrah(who feature members of How Dare You) remind me of The Thermals, whereas History have a Minus The Bear vibe. So yeah, pick one up!

The Sainte Catherines Sep 14, 2010

I am so excited to announce the official release date, artwork, and a track from the new record by The Sainte Catherines!!!!

Pre Sale begins the week of 9/22
we will have exclusive color vinyl, hockey pucks, and some other sweet shit!

They're back with Fire Works, the melodic, positive, entertaining, and most interestingly coiffed LP to come out in years, all courtesy of us! Starting with a self released album in 2000, The Sainte Catherines went on to work with Yoyo Records (Germany) and the French Canadian label Dare to Care before moving up the ladder to corporate powerhouses Eyeball and then Fat Wreck Chords. What am I saying here? The emo kids like 'em, the punk kids like 'em. No one quite knows what to do with them because they've got three meaty guitars, a front man that exists at that elusive vortex where Hank Von Helvelte, Chuck Ragan and the bar where Cirque du Soliel clowns go to get drunk all converge, and haircuts that would scare the shit out of almost any mom. They're now on Anchorless and their new record, 2010's Fire Works is gonna blow some doors off. Just keep reading if you don't believe me.

The Sainte Catherines, not to be outdone, recorded their album in a country chalet, all by themselves with no engineer at all. Now, as we all know, this is either the recipe for disaster or brilliance, and which one do you think I'm gonna say Fire Works is? This record takes its cues from the band's early influences like American Steel, the Broadways, Jawbreaker and Fifteen, and strains it through a sieve of 70's rock!. Did I mention that these dudes fought a whole city with Against Me!? Well, I don't like to name drop, so take my word for it or ask them all about it when they come through your town.

Yes, expect exhaustive touring from The Sainte Catherines for the Fire Works cycle. They're loved in Europe, Canada and the stinkiest most festering pits in all of the US so get out your mustache, cut your bangs at a weird angle and give me a "Tabarnak!" for The Sainte Catherines. Um...also, they've got funny names and they're not above wearing vests. Did I mention that? Okay. I think we're done here.

I'd like to thanks the great Brendan Kelly for the above musings!

Check out the track listing and artwork here

Download a track from the record here

Latest tracks by The Sainte Catherines

Tour Dates:

Oct 2nd - Rimouski, QC @ Petit Pavillon Agricole

Oct 9th- Thedford Mines, QC @ Bar Le Cactus

Oct 28th- Laval, QC @ Studio Thatre de la Salle Andr Mathieu avec/with Vulgaires Machins

Oct 29th- CD Launch show in Boston, MA @ Obriens Pub

Oct 30th- Gainesville, Floride @ THE FEST 9

Oct 31st- Gainesville, Floride @ THE FEST 9

Nov 11th- Rouyn Noranda, QC @ Cabaret de La Dernire Chance

Nov 12th- CD Launch show in Montreal, QC @ Katacombes

Nov 13th- Lavaltrie @ Chasse Galerie

Nov 14th- Longueuil @ Maison des Jeunes Kekpart

Nov 15th- Sherbrooke @ Le Magog

Nov 16th- Drummondville @ La Piaule

Nov 17th- Qubec, QC @ L'Agit

Nov 20th- Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck Club

Nov 27th- Chicoutimi, QC @ Le Bunker

Dec 17th- Brooklyn, New-York @ Party Expo

Tour Videos, Interviews and more (or less)!! Sep 08, 2010

Hey guys while you are killing time at work, school, etc... how about getting to know Allston heart throb Jeff Rowe a little bit better by checking out this INTERVIEW and also some tour videos HERE and

Early next week we will be announcing the release date for "Fire Works" the new full length CD/LP from The Sainte Catherines. We will reveal the killer artwork, track listing, and a jam from the record!

Eat some apples & honey!

European Tour Dates for Jeff Rowe! Aug 30, 2010

Hey guys, Jeff Rowe is leaving for Europe tomorrow. He will be there for a while and below is what he is doing there! So, if you are in those parts I highly suggest you get over to one or more of the shows listed. All shows are with Landmines (Paper & Plastik)

02.09. 2010 Mannheim, JUZ

03.09. 2010 Aulendorf, irReal

04.09. 2010 Stuttgart, Zwlfzehn with The Briggs

05.09. 2010 Trier - Exhaus

06.09. 2010 Giessen - AK44

07.09. 2010 Gttingen - TKeller

08.09. 2010 Landshut - Infoladen

09.09. 2010 Mnchen, Marat

10.09. 2010 Aut-Graz, tba

11.09. 2010 Cr-Zabok, Regenerator

12.09.2010 I-Bellinzona, Peter Pan Bar

13.09.2010 I-tba

14.09.2010 I-tba

15.09.2010 CH-Zrich, Dynamo

16.09.2010 Freiburg - KTS

17.09. 2010 Braunschweig, Nexus

18.09.2010 Hamburg, Strte

19.09.2010 Kiel - Alte Meierei

20.09.2010 Berlin, Lovelite

21.09.2010 Regensburg, Mlze with Zounds

22.09.2010 F-Valenciennes, Igel Rock

23.09.2010 UK-Plymouth, Skiving Scholar

24.09.2010 UK-London, Underworld

25.09.2010 UK-Manchester, Oxford

26.09.2010 UK-Swansea, tbc

27.09.2010 UK-Derby, Vines Bar

28.09.2010 UK-tba

29.09.2010 Uk-Southhampton, Soul Cellar

30.09.2010 tba

01.10.2010 Wrzburg, Immerhin

02.10.2010 Frankfurt, Exzess

Jeff Rowe Aug 24, 2010

Howdy folks! Today is the official release date for Jeff Rowes CD/LP Barstool Conversations you can listen to the record from start to finish HERE and when youre done with that head over to see if you agree with this review by Absolute Punk! HERE so you really like the record and want to pick up a copy for yourself as a back to school gift? What a great idea! You can pick up exclusive color vinyl w/mp3 download coupon or a cd through our webstore by going HERE or hop on your fixed gear and ride to that mom and pop record store down the block and pick up a copy! If youre not into clutter you can head over to youre favorite digital store and download the album or just the smash hit singles!

Jeff is playing his record release show this Thursday at Great Scott in Allston w/ Joe McMahon (Smoke of Fire) and Movers&Shakers. And then Jeff will be heading over to Europe for a month with Landmines and select dates with The Real McKenzies. And if you are living or visiting in Europe be sure to check Jeffs myspace page for house shows which are being added. When Jeff returns home he will be touring from California to The FEST in Gainesville and then up the east coast.

The Sainte Catherines are wrapping up the vocals for Fire Works and we will be announcing the official release date, cover art, track listing, and an Mp3 in the next couple weeks so stay tuned for that. Lets just say that Fire Works is the best thing to come out of Montreal since Guy LaFleur! Be sure to follow them on and like them on

Check out the sweet music video for Ghost Town by Nightlights HERE

Finally, we got a handful of the first pressing of All Aboard A Tribute to Johnny Cash back from a distro. These went out of print almost 3 years ago and are now in our store so act fast! They are on pink and black splatter vinyl and out of /500! We decided to keep the 50% off sale going on select titles so check the store for more info on that and check out the test pressing section. We added Jeff Rowe, Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon, and some other gems! Oh and we have new buttons for a buck!

Ok everyone, have a great week!


AP Exclusive Stream Aug 19, 2010

Hey folks, we are excited to have the nice people at Alternative Press streaming a song from Jeff Rowe's debut CD/LP "Barstool Conversations" out Aug 24th!!!
You can check out "An Island's Point of View" by clicking HERE

Don't forget that on Aug 26th Jeff will be playing a record release show in Allston, MA at Great Scott with Joe McMahon from Smoke or Fire and the Movers and Shakers.
We got some limited edition screen printed jackets that will only be available at the show!!! Only 50 made!!!


Nightlights Video!!! Jeff Rowe record Release Show Aug 04, 2010

Hey everyone this morning we have the official music video for "Ghost Town" by Nightlights. The song comes from their debut EP which came out June 1 and is being re released for retail on Aug 10th.
check it out HERE
We still have a handful of T-Shirts and Hand Numbered copies of "Long Way Home"

On Aug 26th Jeff Rowe will be having his record release show at Great Scott in Allston, MA. Anchorless alumni Joe McMahon (smoke or fire) will also be playing with Rowe.
Joe sang and played harmonica on "Barstool Conversations" so you can expect some drunken sing-a-longs at the show! Hope to see you there!!

Anchorless Artists at THE FEST 9 Jul 30, 2010

Jeff Rowe and The Sainte Catherines are playing at FEST 9!!!

Jeff Rowe "Barstool Conversations" PRE SALE!! Jul 29, 2010

We are very excited to announce that the pre order for Jeff Rowe's debut record, Barstool Conversations is now up. All pre-orders will ship out next week!!!

Jeff is hitting the road w/ Landmines in europe this fall, and will be at FEST!!!

PRE ORDER!!! These will ship out before the 8/24 street date!

Red Vinyl: 100
White Vinyl: 90
Black: the remainder

INCLUDES Mp3 coupon code

Barstool Conversations is Jeff Rowe's (Boxing Water, Tomorrow The Gallows) first proper solo record. Rowe sings about the frustrations and angst that comes along with an attempt to rise above a backdrop that's trying it's hardest to keep you down. It was produced by Lance Koehler (Tim Barry, Landmines) and features guest vocals from Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire. Fans of Frank Turner, Tim Barry, and The Get Up Kids are sure to enjoy this record.

1 Passenger
2 Kate
3 Chasing Ghosts
4 Bastards Love
5 An Island's Point Of View
6 Dead Authors
7 Service Of Hardship
8 Thinnest Strands
9 Stolen Songs
10 Glenville
11 No Place
12 Paleface

Nightlights Top 20 on Punknews Jul 02, 2010

Nightlights has been names one of the top 20 releases of June by the readers of
You can check it out here
If you have not picked up "Long Way Home" now is the time! The summer is still young!!

The Sainte Catherines Join Anchorless!!! Jun 22, 2010

We are very pleased to announce that The Sainte Catherines hailing from the great city of Montreal have joined the Anchorless Records family. We will be releasing their brand new CD/LP this fall, entitled "Fire Works". Pretty great, eh!
This will be the band's first record in over 4 years, and after hearing some of the demos rest assured that it will have been worth the wait.
Over the next couple months you can expect video updates from the band, MP3s, and additional information regarding the release. We have tons of neat plans set for the release so stay tuned!

Shipping out now!! Jun 15, 2010

Hey all, we finally got in the Nightlights Tshirts and they look pretty rad. These orders are all shipping tomorrow. Devin is packing them up as I type this. I threw in some extra goodies as a bonus for the longer than normal wait.
Stay tuned for an announcement out the newest Anchorless family member next week!

Stream Nightlights "Long Way Home" Jun 04, 2010

Hey guys, our friends over at dyingscene are streaming Nightlights debut "Long Way Home" which came out this week! You can check it out
HERE Most of the Preorders shipped out this week, the rest will go out on monday.
This weekend Jeff Rowe will be playing at The Harpoon Summer Session which you can read about HERE
Have a great weekend everyone!

Nightlights "Long Way Home" OUT NOW!!! Jun 01, 2010

We are super stoked to let everyone know that today Nightlights debut CDep is out! So be sure to pick it up at your local store, if they don't have it be sure to let them know that they should order it from our distributor!!! Also, if CDs are not your thing you can purchase it via itunes, amazon or your favorite online retailer!!! Our friends at interpunk and shopradiocast both have copies as well as our fantastic bundle which are up in our webstore!!!

Jeff Rowe "Barstool Conversations" out Aug 24th May 26, 2010

We are very excited to announce that Jeff Rowe (BoxingWater, Tomorrow The Gallows) has joined the Anchorless Family. We will be releasing his debut CD/LP entitled "Barstool Conversations" on August 24th 2010. It was recorded and produced by Lance Koehler(Tim Barry, Landmines) and features guest appearances by Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire and the fine folks in Landmines. Jeff will be hitting the road starting in September to support the record in Europe, and then non stop across North America.
If you enjoy Frank Turner, The Get Up Kids, and Tim Barry you are sure to love Jeff Rowe! Visit for more info and to listen to some tracks!

This coming Tuesday June 1st, Nightlights debut CDep "Long Way Home" will be released. We have the CDs, however to those who have ordered the bundle with t shirt, please be patient as there is a delay on those.


Nightlights Pre Sale May 14, 2010

Well folks, we have posted the pre sale (will ship before June 1st) for Nightlights debut EP "Long Way Home"
Nightlights feature members of No Harm Done and is catchy punk rock in the vein of Latterman, Menzingers, and Lifetime. We have a couple package deals available. This will see a vinyl release in the future, for now it is CD/Digital. We have a limited edition hand numbered version available. We have teamed up with our buds from Get Outta Town for this release.

Visit our STORE to pick up "Long Way Home"
We have posted a track from the record on our MYSPACE along with a Brendan Kelly song from Wasted Potential.

In an attempt to clean our space for some new releases a handful of rejected All Aboard test pressings were found and have been placed in the webstore.
We will be posting some Wasted Potential test pressings for auction soon, if you want to make an offer before they go up just email me.

The pre- ordered Piebald DVDs have all shipped out, so expect those to be showing up to your door any day now.

Oh, and in some great news we have added 2 new artists to the Anchorless family...expect official announcements very soon.


Orders will ship May 12th May 03, 2010

Hey guys, we just wanted to let everyone know that all orders placed between
May 4-11th will ship on the 12th (We will be out of the office). We should be shipping out all the Piebald DVDs tomorrow, if not then those will go out on the 12th as well. Expect new items in the store in 2 weeks.
Including a pre order for Nightlights debut EP "Long Way Home"
Big announcements will be made around that time as well regarding some new Anchorless family members!!!

Anwser to the Trivia question!!! Apr 26, 2010

Hey guys, so we had 2 people guess the correct answer to which Red Wings jersey I wear during the NHL playoffs. Bob Probert!!! If you never heard of him you should look him up, guy was a tough dude.
The first person to chime in was Rich Aungste. We are sending him a shirt, and record of his choice!!!
Tomorrow night is game 7 of the Wings Coyotes game and if the Wings can pull it off, we will send the first 5 people to email us with the final score some sweet Anchorless schwag including copies of our upcoming releases...
Oh, and the Junius 7" is now out of print...

Nightlights Join the Anchorless Family, Wasted Potential Mugs! Apr 22, 2010

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. We would like to welcome Nightlights to the Anchorless family. If you are a fan of Latterman, The Menzingers, or No Harm Done I think you will become a fan of Nightlights. Their debut EP entitled "Long Way Home" will be out this summer, just in time for their upcoming tour. When you get a chance give them a listen and let them know just how handsome they really are For this release we will be working with our good buddies over at Get Outta Town Records. Look for pre-sale to start sometime in May.

New Items in the Store!!!!
We have just what you need to wake up! "Wasted Potential" coffee mugs!!!
These were orginally only available with the purchase of the record from our good friends over at vinyl collective. We only have a handful of these and can't send them media mail so shipping is a bit higher than our records are. Speaking of records we uncovered some rare copies from the first pressing of All Aboard while cleaning. We have 3 copies on pink /100 and 3 on splatter /500. Both of these go for a hefty price on ebay, so now is your chance to help out the charity and also grab these rare and out of print records at more reasonable prices just email us if you're interested. Be on the lookout for some test pressings hitting ebay and our store in the near future. We will be selling TPs for Wasted Potential and All Aboard (including some rejected TPs).
We also added an option where for $2 we will toss in one of our releases with your order...could be a CD, LP, 7", or shirt!

In other exciting news, we are helping out our friends from Sidehatch Entertainment with the release of
"NOBODY'S ROBOTS: A Farewell To Piebald" - live concert DVD and Documentary
Spanning more than 3 hours, the DVD includes an hour long documentary feature that highlights the bands career and offers a behind the scenes look into the their lives, music, friends, and beloved fans. The film then flows into the bands final Boston show in its entirely; filmed April 19th, 2008 at the Middle East Rock Club in Cambridge, MA. Piebald is forever remembered as a pioneer of the hardcore / indie rock crossover genre, and this DVD encapsulates every bit of sweat, blood, and used vegetable-oil that kept them going since 1994. This is currently up for presale in our store, in addition to where you get a free button and poster with your order.
Today punknews will be launching a contest today where you can win a signed copy of the DVD and a sweet poster.

We have more news to share, but it will have to wait til next time... this fall is going to be a very exciting time for us as we have a bunch of really great releases planned and hope to be taking a trip down to the FEST.

Here is your chance to win some free shit. As some of you might know I am a Detroit Red Wings fan...if anyone(not including Josh from Vinyl Vlog) can guess who's jersey I rock during the playoffs we will ship you a sweet prize pack filled with goodies.
Here is a hint... he played for the wings in the early 90s and its not Yzerman or a Russian born player.

Big News Ahead! Apr 15, 2010

Hey guys, just want to take a minute to let you all know that we have a ton planned for the fall and we will announce the new releases sometime soon and they are all going to get you stoked and in a FESTive mood!
We found a few copies of the first pressing of All Aboard and will be posting them in our store early next week along with some Wasted Potential coffee mugs and some new test pressings (these might just end up on or ebay) that have never been for sale in our store.
Well... you've read enough here, so check out
The NEW SWITCHBOARD SESSION! Joe McMahon plays old songs, new songs...DESCENDENTS SONGS!!! and talks about Wasted Potential

"NOBODY'S ROBOTS: A Farewell To Piebald" Apr 08, 2010

"NOBODY'S ROBOTS: A Farewell To Piebald" - live concert DVD and Documentary

We have this up for pre-sale in our STORE store

Sidehatch Entertainment & CircumVision are proud to present, Nobodys Robots: A Farewell To Piebald live DVD and documentary. Spanning more than 3 hours, the DVD includes an hour long documentary that highlights the bands career and offers a behind the scenes look into the their lives, music, friends, and beloved fans. Leading out of the documentary is the bands final Boston show in its entirely; filmed April 18th, 2008 at the Middle East Rock Club in Cambridge, MA. Piebald is forever remembered as a pioneer of the hardcore / indie rock crossover genre, and this DVD encapsulates every bit of sweat, blood, and used vegetable-oil that has kept them going since 1994.

DIGITAL STORE!!! Apr 01, 2010

Hey guys, we are stoked to share with you that you can now purchase all of our releases direct from us digitally. CLICK HERE to check it out.
Also, next week we will have some Wasted Potential coffee mugs for sale, these will go quick and are leftovers from the promotion we did with the handsome folks at Vinyl Collective.

Live Interview with Joe McMahon Mar 26, 2010

Hey guys, tomorrow at 6pm catch a live interview with Joe McMahon. One lucky listener will receive a copy of Wasted Potential. Tune in HERE
We are all caught up on mail order, and the Punknews contest winners, your swag is in route as well.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Stream Wasted Potential! Mar 25, 2010

Hey guys, our friends over at PunkNews are streaming 3 songs from each side of Wasted Potential that you can check out HERE
and over here we have a REVEIW from Alternative Press.
Want more? Another REVIEW be found HERE

Wasted Potential OUT NOW! Austin bound! Mar 17, 2010

Wasted Potential officially came out yesterday, reviews are coming in here is one from PUNKNEWS
You can also pick up a copy digitally on ITUNES and most other digital retailers.

Don't forget we have the CD/LP for sale in our webstore.

Some of us will be heading down to Austin for SXSW and all orders placed between 3/17 - 3/21 will ship out on monday the 22nd. If you will be down there give us a shout!

Representing the Anchorless family at this years festival is none other than Tumbledown
Mar 19 2010 1:30P
@ Plush w/ Mike Hale
Mar 20 2010 11:00P
@ Thunderbird Coffee w/ Mike Hale

Also, we highly recommend checking out the FAT showcase at EMOs on Saturday March 20th. Joe McMahon's band, Smoke or Fire will be playing along with Cobra Skulls, Dead To Me, and a bunch of other great bands! SoF will have copies of Wasted Potential (Joe's split with Brendan Kelly) on LP for sale.

March 19th @ Red 7 is the SSE showcase that features: 7 Seconds, Dead To Me, Rival Schools, Fucked Up, and others! SSE is a charity that we love and back 1000% and you should too! Pick up a copy of All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash, all the proceeds go to SSE.

Ok, have a great weekend.

Shipping out from Boston! Mar 15, 2010

Well, this weekend we packed and shipped all orders that included Wasted Potential. Some folks already started to receive them and the feedback has been great. Just a heads up, the "transparent yellow" looks a bit more orange/gold than yellow but it looks good. Here is a PICTURE
The record comes out tomorrow! The CD/LP/Digital will be available worldwide!
Thanks for supporting what we do.

Review of Wasted Potential Mar 11, 2010

Hey guys, here is a Review review of Wasted Potential, which is out this Tuesday in store and on itunes, emusic, and all your other favorite digital destinations.
The LP is getting in tomorrow and we will do our best to ship everything out by monday.

Update Mar 08, 2010

A couple quick updates.
We will start shipping out orders at the beginning of next week. The actual release date is the 16th, so we are right on time! Coasters are in and look good.

We have added few more 3 color "bundles" up in our store because some eChecks did not clear. They will probably go quick.

Thanks to everyone who picked up this record.

Contest!!! Mar 02, 2010

We have set up a sweet contest with our friends over at PUNKNEWS
it's free to enter and you get the chance to win some really great "Wasted Potential" swag! click this LINK for more info!

oh, we also just found 1 copy of the Fallen From the Sky 7" on clear yellow and 1 on clear green. These have been sold out for a couple years. It's in the webstore now!

Stream 2 songs from Wasted Potential Mar 01, 2010

Hey guys, follow this LINK to check out 2 tracks from Wasted Potential. One from Brendan and one from Joe! Also, you'll see what the sweet wood saving coasters look like!

Contest!!! Feb 15, 2010

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a great weekend of roses, chocolate, and getting lucky.
And if you didnt get lucky, well now is your chance...

We are running a "golden ticket" contest, and 1 person who placed/places an order through our webstore will win a Test Press of ALL OF OUR RELEASES. Eligible orders must include a copy of "Wasted Potential" this contest will end march 9th.

The rest of the color vinyl will be gone this week, if you did not pick up a copy and are thinking about it now is the time. We approved the test pressings and looks like these may ship before the street date!


Presale for Wasted Potential Feb 10, 2010

Hey guys, so as soon as I finish this amazing vegan lunch, presale will be live.
Just click the store link. You all know the deal, if you need more info see the prior news posting.
Free coaster while supplies last, ONLY place for color vinyl, yadda, yadda, yadda


Pre Sale THIS WEEK. Respect wood! Feb 09, 2010

Hey guys we will be putting Wasted Potential up for presale this week so check back often. Each order of the record placed through our webstore will come with a limited edition coaster(while they last), because we here at Anchorless, much like Larry David, respect wood.
Here is the vinyl color breakdown: 160 on transparent yellow 300 on white and the remainder on black. We will have a handful of bundles that include all three colors.
Once again, if you want COLOR vinyl it is EXCLUSIVE to our webstore.
Our friends at vinyl collective will have the black vinyl/coffee mug posted for presale this afternoon, and if you order the pre order black vinyl through interpunk you will receive a patch/button set. Goodies galore!

Presale news! and Up The Punx Feb 08, 2010

Hey guys, what a superbowl huh? Ok, so presale for "Wasted Potential" a split 12" featuring Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire will be up for PRESALE in our WEBSTORE sometime THIS WEEK. We will have EXCLUSIVE COLOR VINYL. There will be only 2 colors pressed (not including black).

We are happy to report that the charity auctions on that featured rare records donated from a bunch of great labels and individual collectors raised over $18,000 for Doctors Without Borders!!!!

We had donated a couple test pressings including a copy of All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash, and "Wasted Potential" Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon split. Those 2 records alone went for around $800!!! Thanks to everyone involved!

Vinyl Vlog! Feb 06, 2010

Hey guys, here is a link to the latest vinyl vlog episode. It features Chris Wrenn from Bridge Nine Records, and yours truly was also interviewed/guest co-host.
Vinyl Vlog Season 2 Episode 9

Test Pressings to help Haiti Feb 05, 2010

Hey guys, there are only 2 days left to bid on test pressings of All Aboard and the upcoming Brendan Kelly(The Lawrence Arms)/Joe McMahon(Smoke or Fire) split "wasted potential"
All the money goes to Doctors Without Borders. Check out the links below and also make sure you check out and bid on all the other great records that were donated to help the relief effort in Haiti.
Wasted Potential Test Pressing
All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash Test Pressing w/screen printed jacket

Have a great weekend, we should be starting presale for Wasted Potential next week, if you want to be kept in the loop about this upcoming presale email us to be added to the list ( be our friend on myspace ( and follow us on twitter ( and


Brendan Kelly and Joe McMahon Chicago show this Friday! Feb 04, 2010

This friday Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire will be playing a FREE show at The Mutiny in Chicago this Friday 2/5/2010. The split is not out for another month, however they will be playing songs from the record.
If you are in the area head out, enjoy the tunes and be sure to buy them some cocktails.
"Wasted Potential" pre-sale will start shortly in our webstore, where there will be COLOR VINYL EXCLUSIVE TO ANCHORLESS. More to come in the next few days including artwork and the tracklisting.

Super Rare Records! Help Haiti! Feb 01, 2010

You can now bid on 2 very rare records released by Anchorless Records.
One is so rare it doesn't even exist yet!
We have donated a test pressing of All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash which comes with a screen printed jacket that was only sent to the bands who contributed to the album. We also donated a test pressing of the upcoming Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon split 12"

For more info visit:

"Wasted Potential" Brendan Kelly (Lawrence Arms/Falcon)/Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire) out on 3/16 Jan 27, 2010

Hi friends, it gives me great pleasure to announce our 10th release here at Anchorless.
"Wasted Potential" is a split 12"/digital download that features Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire. Our friends over at Red Scare will be releasing the CD version of the record. Brendan and Joe have been cranking out punk hits for Fat Wreck Chords with their respective bands for years, and this unique release offers 14 stripped-down, acoustic versions of their best stuff. In addition to the re-worked originals, "Wasted Potential" boasts a Jawbreaker and Johnny Cash cover for added fun.
The liner notes will include personal anecdotes regarding each song and how this record came together. We will have an exclusive color of vinyl in our webstore that is sure to go fast, stay tuned for more details on presale, the track listing, artwork, and more! Expect a song to be streaming on our myspace in a few days.
Thank you all so much for the support you have shown the label over the years, getting to ALR:010 means alot. 2010 is shaping up to be a busy year (O Pioneers!!!, Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon, and some unannounced gems in the works)

O releases!!! Jan 15, 2010

So our first release of the year is recorded and the artwork is in the works but we still need to get to a meeting of the minds with the powers to be in order to officially announce the record. Here is a hint... Cubs and Red Sox. OK, we should be filling in the details next week for sure.
Our Second release of the year will be for our buddies in O Pioneers!!! They guys put out one of the best records of 2009 (see below) and you can download it FOR FREE at Anchorless is proud to be working with these fine folks in releasing a brand new 7". Expect more details shortly.
If you have not been to our new webstore, do that. It's more fun than reading.

2010 Jan 02, 2010

Hi all. Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy new year. Major updates coming up in about a week regarding our release schedule. Follow me on twitter for the most up to date info on all things Anchorless.


end of 2009...things to look forward to in 2010 Dec 20, 2009

Hey everyone, as the year comes to a close we wanted to take the time to say thank you for supporting us and the bands we work with. Our new webstore will still be open, however the last shipment date is Tuesday the 22nd, and will resume January 2nd.
Below is our Top 10 list from 2009. We would love to see what your top 10 list looks like, so feel free to email them over!

2010 will be a big year for Anchorless Records as we will be releasing our 10th record and have more releases planned than any year in the past. We are excited to be working with some great bands and people. Details will be announced soon after the new year, but we know you guys will be stoked on all that we have planned!!!

Top 10 of 2009

1. O Pioneers!!! Neon Creeps
2. The Lawrence Arms Buttsweat and Tears
3. Lucero 1372 Overton Park
4. American Steel Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
5. Mike Hale Lives Like Mine
6. Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves Self Titled
7. Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary Single Series
8. The Sidekicks Weight of Air
9. Westbound Train Come and Get It
10. William Elliot Whitmore Animals In The Dark

neil, devin, and ruby

Orders are shipping, big news for 2010!!! Dec 01, 2009

Hey guys, thanks for partaking in our black friday/weekend sale! We really appreciate your support, it means everything to us. A bunch of orders shipped monday and the rest will ship out on Wednesday. We have super exciting news to announce regarding our 10th release!!! Stay tuned for more details which will be heading your way soon.
Follow us on twitter/anchorlessrec follow me on twitter/neilanchorless
we will be posting some great holiday specials over the next few weeks.

Black Friday!!! Nov 27, 2009

Save 10% off test pressings!!! code: blackfriTP
Save 20% off all other items!!! code blackfriday

Super Sweat Sale
For $25 you will receive:
No Harm Done "Our day of days" CD
No Hard Done "The start of something new" CD
Make or Break/Haunted Life split CD
2 7"s of our choice (not limited to Anchorless Releases!!!)
1 Vinyl copy of All Aboard w/FREE MP3 download card
1 T shirt
1 Poster
1 Button Set
1 Koozie

Pretty Sweat Deal
3 CDs or 3 7"s just $10!!!


Hey guys, our new webstore is now open!!!
Great specials, test pressings, and more


New Merch!!! Nov 15, 2009

Hey guys, we got in some new Anchorless merch. We will be posting these items in our store shortly. For a limited time you can add a shirt and koozie to
any order for $5. Both the shirts and koozie are available in a variety of colors including: Orange, green, blue, camo, white, yellow, grey, black, beige, and more!!!




Add T-Shirt and Koozie to order here/webscr" method="post">


Help our friends at Issue Oriented!!! Nov 14, 2009

We are big supporters of Issue Oriented the podcast and you should be too! Click the banner to the right to check it out!
It is an excellent monthly podcast that features some amazing folks discussing though provoking topics regarding politics, music, current events, and more! They have interviewed everyone from Mick Jones (The Clash) to The Bouncing Souls to Joanna Angel ( to our good buddy Virgil Dickerson (Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective). HELP Ronen & Co win a well deserved Podcast award!!!

"Issue Oriented has been nominated for the 2009 Podcast Awards in the Entertainment category. Voting is open now through November 30, and you can vote once per day. It would be AWESOME if you could remember to vote for us a few times over the next couple of weeks (or every day if you think we deserve it).

And hey, if you happen to have a website, blog, or easily influenced friends/hangers-on, maybe you could suggest it to them, too?

Vote here:

And again, Issue Oriented is in the entertainment category.

Thanks much. Your support is deeply appreciated. "

Your pal,

Ronen Kauffman/Issue Oriented

Yesterday's Ring w/Leatherface FREE KOOZIE! Nov 04, 2009

Yesterdays Ring is heading out on tour with Leatherface

Feb 21st London, ON Call The Office (to be confirmed)
Feb 22nd Toronto, ON Wrong Bar
Feb 23rd St Catharines,ON L3 Night Club
Feb 24th Toronto, ON Wrong Bar ALL AGES
Feb 25th Ottawa Babylon
Feb 26th Chicoutimi, QC Le Bunker
Feb 27th Quebec City, QC Le Cercle
Feb 28th Montreal, QC Foufounes lectriques
Mar 1st Longueuil, QC Brasserie Les Gaulois D'Amriques
Mar 2nd Sherbrooke, QC TBA (should confirm soon )

Punknews has posted a review of the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring split 7". You can check that out here

For a limited time you will receive a FREE limited edition anchorless Koozie w/ purchase of ANY release or shirt purchase.

Save The Vinyl FEST info. Free download Smoke or Fire and Yesterdays Ring Oct 27, 2009

We were happy to contribute 2 tracks for this FEST only comp.
Smoke Or Fire (acoustic) "What Separates Us All" from our upcoming acoustic Smoke or Fire release
Yesterday's Ring "Spotlight" from our previously released Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring split 7"


Vinyl Vlog Season Two Episode Four w/Save The Vinyl INFO!


Hello everyone out there in Internet Land!

So weve been hinting around about SAVE THE VINYL for some time now and its finally time to let the cat out of the bag (or the record out of its sleeve you could say).

A couple months ago I had this idea to give something back to the vinyl community at this years FEST 8 in Gainesville, FL. The idea was to provide record mailers to people who purchased records from any one of the number of Bands, Labels or Distros present. This would hopefully help SAVE YOUR VINYL from getting wrecked during the 100s of different shows youll attend throughout the weekend.

Now record mailers do cost money and a couple ideas were thrown around to cover the primary cost. After some debate and discussion with a couple people, Nick from stepped up and decided to help sponsor this little event. It is thanks to Nick that SAVE THE VINYL is happening! Please take a few moments and check out his site and what he is attempting to do over there at LP!

After getting the mailers secured another idea was given some thought. Help out some of the bands/labels who have supported Vinyl Vlog over the last year. I elected to start a COMP CD full of bands from across the US and Canada. After speaking with our new buddies in Limited Pressing and old buddies at National Underground, Anchorless Records & Vinyl Collective, we got a handful of awesome bands who were on board. Next we contacted friends and local favorites to fill out the roster you see below.

Now we do agree with you, COMP CDs have died over the past couple of years with the advent of the internet and myspace profiles. So in addition to the COMP CD, we decided to continue what we do best. GIVE AWAY FREE RECORDS!

Almost all of the bands on SAVE THE VINYL have donated records, cds, t shirts and stickers to be given away. We will have 200 record mailers containing 200 comps. Of these 200, 5 are GOLDEN CDs! If you get one of these special CDs you will win a PRIZE PACKAGE! Now ALL CDs do look the same but differ in track listing. The GOLDEN CDs will have SPOKEN WORD tracks instead of a real song. These tracks will have instructions saying that youve won a prize package and to email or call a special number. To find out if you won simply LISTEN TO THE CD!

Ok, we do understand that since this CD has multiple UNRELEASED songs from some pretty awesome bands (Smoke of Fire and O Pioneers to name a few) some people NOT attending the FEST may want to hear it sowe have hosted it for free here:

Now I hope this goes without saying but IF you enjoy any of the bands on this COMP please support them and their labels. It would really mean a lot to US and to THEM.
For FEST attendees to pick up a mailer/CD just stop by the National Underground booth at sign in on Friday and ask for one!!!!

Well, thats it. If you have any questions please feel free to Email @ or send us a message via twitter: @vinylvlog.

We really appreciate all of the bands who became part of this little adventure.

See you at the FEST!

NEW MERCH ON ITS WAY!!! Oct 15, 2009

Hi friends, we have some new Anchorless merch coming in soon! A new T-Shirt design, some koozies, and a special halloween themed zip-up hoodie (designed by MCHC). Our current logo shirts are almost gone, so if you want one now is the time!

Once the new merch arrives we will be offering a free shirt for $5 w/the purchase of ANY item!

In a couple days, Fallen From the Sky will be hitting the road with New Found Glory and Title FIght, be sure to check out the tour dates.

We will be announcing a new release in the next week, so get stoked.

If you are looking for artwork please check out our friends:

For all those going to the upcoming Gaslight Anthem, Revival Tour, and Lucero shows in Boston, Ill see you there!

Halloween, is creeping up and that means hoodie time!!! Sep 24, 2009

We are working on some new limited edition hoodies with a halloween type theme. These will rule and sell out quickly based on the run we did last year. Updates and pre-order coming soon.

Out of Print Records Found! Tour News! Test Pressings!! Sep 19, 2009

This morning I was cleaning the office and found a copy of the Fallen From the Sky 7" on green vinyl. Its been out of print for a while.
We will keep you guys posted on what other goodies we find.
Sometime next week we will be posting some Test Pressings for sale both in our webstore and on eBay.

For those on twitter I suggest you follow me at I post label information and exclusive sales. In addition if you are not already following you should make that happen.

In other HUGE NEW we are so proud and excited for Fallen From The Sky!!! They will be heading out on tour with New Found Glory from October 21st - Nov 4th. I had the privilege to tour manage FFTS for a couple years and I know first hand how hard the guys work and deserve to be on a tour like this. HS.

09-09-09 SALE!!! Sep 09, 2009

Hey everyone, today in honor of 09-09-09 you can pick up any three 7"s for just $9!!!
to take advantage of this just email with your order!
The first 25 orders will receive a free shirt and button set.

No Harm Done 2004-2009 Aug 24, 2009

We are sad to report that No Harm Done has decided to part ways. We are very happy to have had the privilege to release 2 records for them. Best of luck to the members and their future projects.

Vocalist Matt Cantwell provided the following statement:

"These past few years have been nothing short of amazing, and I wouldn't change a single thing. Thank you to anyone who ever supported this band. First off, I want to apoligize to everyone else in No Harm Done. I have been losing touch with you, and at the same time I have become more bitter. I take full responsibility for everyone's discontent. I realize we will never agree on certain things, and that's ok. I'm glad this ended the way it did. We played our last show on August 19th, 2009 in Tallahassee, Florida."

wow time flies Aug 07, 2009

Hello friends, apologies for the lack of activity on the site. I have been out of the state for a while. Thank you to Mark Hall and crew for showing me a great time in NY. Devin has been running the show, packing orders, etc...We have some new releases that we are excited to announce but don't want to jump the gun before everything is set. You can expect some big things this fall, and some surprises that will be FEST exclusives.

SALE!!! Buy ANY release and get a coupon for 25% off your next order and a free t-shirt +Poster. This will run through the end of the month. Go back to school with an Anchorless shirt.
In the meantime, its friday so go to a local show tonight!



Aug 4 2009 8:00P
Caste Rockmoore Syracuse, New York
Aug 5 2009 8:00P
The Landing Zone Latham, New York
Aug 6 2009 8:00P
Secret Art Space Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Aug 7 2009 8:00P
Anchors Up Haverhill, Massachusetts
Aug 8 2009 8:00P
The Montrose Basement Wappingers Falls, New York
Aug 9 2009 8:00P
956 Kearny Ave. Forked River, New Jersey
Aug 10 2009 8:00P
All Call Inn Ewing, New Jersey
Aug 11 2009 8:00P
The Yippie Cafe New York City, New York
Aug 12 2009 8:00P
Champion Ship Records Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Aug 13 2009 8:00P
Emigsville Park Building York, Pennsylvania
Aug 14 2009 2:00P
This is Hardcore 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 15 2009 2:00P
This is Hardcore 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 16 2009 2:00P
This is Hardcore 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 17 2009 8:00P
TBA Richmond, Virginia
Aug 18 2009 8:00P
Ground Zero Spartanburg, South Carolina
Aug 19 2009 8:00P
Coolifornia Tallahassee, Florida


Oct 16 2009 8:00P
EUROPE / UK TOUR October - November 2009
Oct 17 2009 8:00P
Beatpol w / Caspian Germany, Dresden
Oct 18 2009 8:00P
NBI Germany, Berlin
Oct 19 2009 8:00P
Astra Stube Germany, Hamburg
Oct 20 2009 8:00P
Jugendhaus West w / Caspian Germany, Stuttgart
Oct 21 2009 8:00P
Elfer Music Club w / Caspian Germany, Frankfurt
Oct 22 2009 8:00P
Nexus Germany, Braunschweig
Oct 23 2009 8:00P
Steinbruch Germany, Duisburg
Oct 24 2009 8:00P
AJZ Talschock Germany, Chemnitz
Oct 25 2009 8:00P
Die Stadmitte Germany, Karlsruhe
Nov 11 2009 8:00P
Cafe Schlachthaus Austria, Dornbirn
Nov 12 2009 8:00P
Sunny Red Germany, Mnchen
Nov 13 2009 8:00P
AZ Germany, Aachen
Nov 14 2009 8:00P
Exit Netherlands, Rotterdam
Nov 15 2009 8:00P
De Bliksem Netherlands, Den Helder


Aug 13 2009 9:00P
Old Town Pub in Silverdale with New Old Stock 21+ Silverdale, Washington
Aug 15 2009 12:00P
Warped Tour @ The Gorge George, Washington
Aug 21 2009 8:00P
Tumbledown, Ruxton Towers, and Gasoline Heart @ Manette Saloon Bremerton
Aug 22 2009 4:00P
Silverdale Beach Hotel Silverdale, Washington
Aug 29 2009 8:00P
The Showbox Seattle, Washington
Aug 31 2009 8:00P
Plea For Peace Center Stockton, California
Sep 1 2009 8:00P
The Starline Fresno, California
Sep 2 2009 8:00P
The Knitting Factory Hollywood, California
Sep 3 2009 8:00P
Chain Reaction Anaheim, California
Sep 4 2009 8:00P
Downtown Brewing San Luis Obispo, California
Sep 5 2009 8:00P
B Riders Bakersfield, California
Sep 11 2009 8:00P
Rock Bottom Bar San Antonio, Texas
Sep 12 2009 8:00P
Emos Austin, Texas
Sep 13 2009 8:00P
Conservatory Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Sep 14 2009 8:00P
The Marquee Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sep 15 2009 8:00P
Hi Tone Cafe Memphis, Tennessee
Sep 17 2009 8:00P
FUBAR St. Louis, Missouri
Sep 18 2009 8:00P
Reggies Rock Club Chicago, Illinoi


Aug 15 2009 8:00P
Le Cabaret de La Dernire Chance Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec
Aug 27 2009 8:00P
Pub Du Village GRANBY, Quebec
Dec 19 2009 8:00P
Le Bunker Chicoutimi, Quebec

We are currently looking for a new fall intern, shoot us an email if you're interested.

4th of July Sale Jul 02, 2009

Hi friends. This weekend when you order any release you will receive a free t-shirt and poster. This will end monday at 12am est. So order up, then enjoy an animal friendly bbq and your favorite beverage of choice.

Vinyl Event Jun 20, 2009

our friends at vinyl vlog are throwing a vinyl event in boston, this monday.

"On June 22nd we will be having our first ever DJ NIGHT at the Plough and Stars (912 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA) This event is COMPLETELY FREE! When you walk in the door you will get a entered into a free raffle ticket to win one of 15 records we are giving away!"

Anchorless and Vinyl Collective are sponsoring this event!

History is History Jun 09, 2009

Hey friends, hope all is well. We just got word that History will be playing their last show on June 12th. They were a part of the first release we ever did and one of the best live bands I have ever seen. Here is a blog from the band.

Time's they are a changin'
"Well after 6 years (that feel like 20) we are playing our last shows next week on Thursday June 11th in Tampa @ New World and Friday June 12th in Orlando @ Redlight Redlight.

Many factors have led us to this point as a band.
We've pushed our musical boundaries about as far as we feel we can with this type of music,whatever that may be haha

Our amazing bassist and long time friend Travis has been accepted into the Secret Service and will be leaving us for the President,so we're not too upset with his decision to leave us ;)
I'm actually a little envious,but we're all really excited for him and are happy he has been able to play a part and move us forward in our experience. He will be missed immensely.

It seems like a lifetime ago when we started this experiment in music and after all these years we are feeling a change in our personal lives and our musical lives. One we feel is for the better and one that we need to do.

Matt,Melissa,Scott,and myself have a plan to keep going in an entirely different musical direction that I think will push us again to be better players and songwriters.We've already started working on this new venture and will hopefully have things ready to roll in a few months. We're going to try and do it right this time haha...

So,that's it.
Come out and see us one last time as HISTORY in Tampa @ NWB June 11th and Orlando @ Redlight Redlight June 12th. We're going to try and play it all!!"

Best of luck guys.

Tracks posted May 24, 2009

Hi guys, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. We will be heading out to a vegan BBQ in a little bit, but we wanted to post 2 tracks from the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring split. Both can add to your BBQ so head over to iTunes and pick up the tracks!!! Or, pick up the 7", and it will ship on Tuesday.

We will be receiving hand written lyric sheets from Hugo of Yesterday's Ring and will be having a contest TBA that gives you the chance to win them!!!

Ok, off to pick up some PBR, Jamison, and Veggie Dogs.


iTunes and Vinyl Event May 21, 2009

Hi friends, its been too long. The Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring split is up on your favorite digital store, help support these great bands! Both also just recently saw the released of their new full lengths and both are great!

We will be receiving some hand written lyric sheets to the YR side of the 7" and will be doing some sort of contest to give them away!

VINYL EVENT!!! Presented by our friends at Vinyl Vlog

Monday June 22nd 9pm Plough and Star in Cambridge, MA 21+
Vinyl Vlog will be hosting a DJ Night!

At this lovely event we will be giving away over 50 Bucks in Gift Certificates from Vinyl Collective and giving away over 15 records from Suburban Home and Anchorless Records!!!!!!!!!

Cost to enter is NOTHING! This is 100% Free Event...(minus any beers you want to consume!)

All you need to do is show up, enjoy some sweet records spinning by Joshua and Ken and then get free raffle tickets. Throughout the night VV will give away records once every 20 minutes or so...

OUT NOW! Apr 21, 2009

Hey guys, today the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring split 7" is out in stores and online. It will be up on your favorite digital store shortly as well.
Don't forget, the 7" comes with a FREE coupon to download mp3s of the songs. Here is a picture of the the way they turned out.
let us know what you think!

Pick up copies in our webstore, interpunk, no idea, vinyl collective, or your local mom & pop record shop

Record Store Day Apr 17, 2009

Hey friends, so today it is 70 degrees here in Boston, finally seems like spring is here. Tomorrow April 18th is Record Store Day. We encourage all of you guys to get off your computer and head down to your local mom and pop record store to pick up some great limited edition releases or that record you have been eyeing for weeks. For a list of stores and events going on go to

We will be receiving the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring 7"s shortly and will begin shipping them out on monday. The record will be in stores and officially released on Tuesday April 21st and up on your favorite digital online store soon after.

We recently did a stock check and realized that many of our vinyl releases are very close to becoming extinct (less than 5 copies on certain titles), so now is a great time to pick up that record you have been sleeping on.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Brian, love you man!

New to Our Webstore and Twitter! Apr 01, 2009

Hey Guys the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring 7" is now up in our webstore along with our new Tshirts. Many of the 7"s are almost SOLD OUT, so dont sleep on this because who knows when or if it will be repressed!!!

Are you on twitter? We are! Come find us



Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring PRE-SALE Mar 16, 2009

Tomorrow our friends at vinyl collective will be posting pre-sale for the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring split 7" at 2pm MOUNTAIN TIME
They will have an exclusive color, limited to 100!!! So don't miss out

All pre-orders from the Anchorless webstore will include a limited edition button set featuring one Tumbledown and one Yesterday's Ring button.

Here is the beautiful artwork done by our brothers over at The Black Axe.

Here is the color breakdown of the first pressing.
100 Black (VC Exclusive)
400 half/half black/beer color vinyl
500 half/half black/coke bottle blue color vinyl

We will also be posting the new Anchorless shirts and button sets.

Tour Tour Tour Mar 06, 2009

SPRING TOUR DATES ARE UPON US for Tumbledown, Yesterday's Ring, Junius, No Harm Done, Fallen From the Sky, and History.


Mar 11 2009 Rays Golden Lion Richland, Washington
Mar 12 2009 Terrapin Station Boise, Idaho
Mar 13 2009 The Outer Rim Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 14 2009 Burts Tiki Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 15 2009 Triple Nickel Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mar 16 2009 The Double Wide Dallas, Texas
Mar 17 2009 Red 7 Austin, Texas
Mar 18 2009 The Max Dallas, Texas
Mar 20 2009 San Antonio, TX The Big Spill 09 @ The Warhol San Antonio, Texas
Mar 21 2009 Monks Coffee House Abilene, Texas
Mar 23 2009 Yucca Tap Room Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 24 2009 The Prospector Long Beach, California
Mar 25 2009 Radio Room San Diego, California
Mar 26 2009 Downtown Brew San Luis Obispo, California
Mar 27 2009 Johnny Bs Medford, Oregon
Mar 28 2009 Hawthorne Theater, Opening for Craig Owens Portland, Oregon
Mar 29 2009 Sunset Tavern Seattle, Washington
Mar 29 2009 El Corazon, Opening for Craig Owens Seattle, Washington

Yesterday's Ring

april 3rd- St-Hyacinthe.PQ @ Le Trash
april 4th - Nominingue.PQ @ Auberge De La Vieille Gare - HOLD
april 5th- Mont-Tremblant.PQ @ Station Mont Tremblant
april 10th- Sherbrooke.PQ @ Tlphone Rouge
april 11th- Qubec.PQ @ Casbah
april 17th- Drummondville.PQ @ Box Office
april 18th- Chicoutimi.PQ @ Le Bunker
april 24th- Longueuil.PQ @ Brasserie Les Gaulois D'Amriques
april 25th- Joliette.PQ @ L'Azile
may 9th- Mascouche.PQ @ Le Cheyenne
may 14th- Laval @ Studio Thatre de LA Maison des Arts
may 15th- Toronto.ON @ The Kathedral
may 29th- Montreal @ Divan Orange
may 30th- Montreal @ Divan Orange

No Harm Done

Apr 3 2009 Tupelo Tupelo, Mississippi
Apr 4 2009 Halfway House Mountain Home, Arkansas
Apr 5 2009 Evidence Center Branson, Missouri
Apr 6 2009 Haunted Basement Des Moines, Iowa
Apr 7 2009 Kansas City Kansas City, Kansas
Apr 8 2009 Denver Denver, Colorado
Apr 9 2009 Amped Theatre Albuquerque, New Mexico
Apr 10 2009 Empire El Paso, Texas
Apr 11 2009 Corpus Corpus Christi, Texas
Apr 12 2009 Monterrey Monterrey, Nuevo Len
Apr 13 2009 Adrians Mission, Texas
Apr 14 2009 Seven Days Laredo, Texas
Apr 15 2009 The Warhol San Antonio, Texas
Apr 16 2009 Dallas Dallas, Texas
Apr 17 2009 Carries Coffee House Fulton, Mississippi
Apr 18 2009 Tallahassee Tallahassee, Florida


Mar 6 2009 Living Hope Church of the Nazarene w / The Vegas Report / Glass America / Baby Boy H / Ribs Danvers, Massachusetts
Mar 7 2009 The Space w / Ocean / Eld Portland, Maine
Mar 9 2009 Middle East Upstairs w / Maserati / Constants Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mar 10 2009 Fontanas w / The Hundred Days New York, New York
Mar 11 2009 The Velvet Lounge w / The Hundred Days Washington, DC, Washington DC
Mar 12 2009 The Soapbox w / The Hundred Days / Boxbomb Wilmington, North Carolina
Mar 13 2009 Gallery 13 w / The Hundred Days / Triads Columbus, Georgia
Mar 14 2009 The Atlantic w / The Hundred Days / The Future Now Gainesville, Florida
Mar 15 2009 TBA w / The Hundred Days Tallahassee, Florida
Mar 16 2009 TBA w / The Hundred Days New Orleans / Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mar 17 2009 Mias Pub w / The Hundred Days / In The Red Shreveport, Louisiana
Mar 19 2009 SXSW - Giant Steps Party @ Plush (Day Show) w / Irepress / This Car Up + more Austin, Texas
Mar 19 2009 SXSW - The End Records Showcase @ The Ale House w / Early Man / Goes Cube / Hull Austin, Texas
Mar 22 2009 SXSW - Radar Recordings Party @ Red 7 Austin, Texas
Mar 23 2009 The Lounge on Elm w / The Hundred Days / She Rides Dallas, Texas
Mar 24 2009 TBA w / The Hundred Days Abilene / Odessa, Texas
Mar 25 2009 Zeppelins Underground w / The Hundred Days El Paso, Texas
Mar 26 2009 The Gold House w / The Hundred Days / Coma Recovery Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mar 27 2009 Plush w / The Hundred Days / Juarez Tucson, Arizona
Mar 28 2009 The Trunk Space w / The Hundred Days Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 29 2009 TBA w / The Hundred Days San Diego, California
Mar 30 2009 Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, California
Apr 2 2009 TBA Los Angeles, California
Apr 6 2009 Juanitas w / Ninja Academy Los Angeles, California
Apr 15 2009 Club A.D.D. @ Nicholbys Ventura, California
Apr 16 2009 TBA Santa Cruz, California
Apr 17 2009 TBA San Francisco, California
Apr 18 2009 TBA Redding, California
Apr 19 2009 TBA Eugene / Medford, Oregon
Apr 20 2009 TBA Portland, Oregon
Apr 21 2009 TBA Seattle, Washington
Apr 22 2009 TBA Spokane, Washington
Apr 23 2009 Gustos Bar Boise, Idaho
Apr 24 2009 Bar Deluxe Salt Lake City, Utah
Apr 25 2009 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Apr 26 2009 The Jackpot Music Hall w / Actors & Actresses / Wrath and Ruin Lawrence, Kansas
Apr 27 2009 OLeavers Pub w / Dim Light / Drakes Hotel Omaha, Nebraska
Apr 28 2009 Reggies Rock Club Chicago, Illinois
Apr 29 2009 TBA Lansing / Kalamazoo / Grand Rapids, Michigan
Apr 30 2009 TBA Toronto, Ontario
May 1 2009 TBA Peterborough, Ontario
May 2 2009 LFH Montreal, Quebec
May 3 2009 TBA Burlington, Vermont

Fallen From The Sky

at 7:30pm - $14.99 @ Ticketmaster

at 7:30pm - $12
585 Wells St. SW. Atlanta, GA 30312

at 6:00pm - $10 Adv / $12 Day of
629 3rd Ave South Nashville, TN 37210

Apr 04, 2009 - WICHITA, KS @ OZ CAFE
at 6:30pm - $10
Venue: Oz Cafe - 2222 E. Douglas. Wichita, KS 67214

at 6:30pm - $8
2234 South 13th St. Omaha, NE 68108

Apr 06, 2009 - IOWA CITY, IA @ THE PICADOR
at 5:30pm - $8 over 21 / $10 under 21
330 E Washington St. Iowa City, IA 52240

Apr 07, 2009 - MT. CLEMENS, MI @ THE HAYLOFT
at 5:00pm - $10 in advance / $12 day of
140 N. Main St. Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

at 7:00pm - $10
5905 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45216

at 7:00pm - $10

at 5:30pm - $10
211 Jenkins Rd. Whitesburg, KY 41858

Apr 11, 2009 - BIRMINGHAM, AL @ CAVE 9
at $10
105 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd South. Birmingham, AL 35233


Apr 17 2009 Backbooth w/New Roman Times (cd release show) orlando
Apr 18 2009 New World Brewery w/New Roman Times (cd release show)

O Pioneers!!! Basement show!!! Feb 27, 2009

Hi friends, I am very excited to go see O Pioneers!!! tonight here in Allston at 115 Franklin Street (basement show). If you are in the area you should also head out, as their new record Neon Creeps is great!

In other news, the Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring 7" is close to being complete. The masters are in their final stages, and we are just waiting on the inserts. We will post a track and the artwork pretty soon, everything looks and sounds amazing! We could not be happier with the effort from both bands, and our great buddy Joey at Team Doom/Black Axe.

Our new merch is in, and will be photographed and placed in the store soon.

Ok, thats it. Go enjoy your weekend.


Friday the 13th...spooky Feb 13, 2009

Hi everyone, it is been too long without an update. So the Yesterday's Ring/Tumbledown split is coming along very nicely and will be out this spring. I had a chance to see the progression of the artwork today, and I love it, and think you all will too. It is being done by the fine folks at Team Doom. Team Doom has teamed up with some other notable designers to form The Black Axe, those notable designers are Horsebites and Derek Deal, if you are unfamiliar with them please check out their site and pick up some neat gear or hire them for your next release, bar mitzvah, or graphic design needs.

We will be out at this years SXSW, it will be my first time down there so if you or your band is heading down please send us a note!

Keep checking back as we will FINALLY have new Anchorless Shirts and Buttons up in our merch store, along with some neat items like slipmats and a few items that will blow your mind!

Ok, thats it for now. Go have a great weekend!

2009 is here Jan 06, 2009

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Florida sure is nice this time of year, but back here in boston who doesn't love the snow and ice?
So a couple weeks from now we will have a new president! Very excited about that.
We are also VERY excited about the Yesterday's Ring/Tumbledown split 7" which will be our first release of 2009. We will keep you posted with pre-sale info, vinyl colors, artwork, contests, and song postings. The tracks we have heard so far are spectacular to say the least. Both bands are doing 2 tracks 1 original and 1 cover. Tumbledown is doing a version of "On Road Again" by Willie Nelson, and Yesterday's Ring will be doing a "Spotlight" by David Allen Coe.
Everyone should pick up the latest copy of AMP magazine, there is a sweet feature on All Aboard. Speaking of All Aboard, blogger "Last Years Girl" named the album best comp of 2008.

See You in 2009! Dec 20, 2008

We shipped out the last few orders today,
and will be having a small holiday party
tonight and trying out the Suburban Home
Shotgunator, whats this you ask..well
I suggest you see for yourself and pick one up! Go to and search "Shotgunator"
Then a break til 2009.
Any orders placed will not ship until Jan 2nd, so please take note of this.
Thanks again to everyone who supported us this year, we are excited to see what next year has in store for us!

end of 2008...things to look forward to in 2009 Dec 15, 2008

Hi guys, so as 2008 comes to a close we look back to our best year so far. All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash was released and we could not be happier with the way it came out and the response from everyone. It was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to work with so many great bands and people. A huge thank you is in order to all that helped out and supported this release. For those who have not yet picked it up, please do! We have more LPs in stock on Opaque Brown vinyl(which looks amazing with the artwork), in addition to CDs. Be on the look out for a sweet feature in the upcoming issue of AMP magazine.

While we were unpacking a shipment of CDs we found a nice package from our friends at Pirates Press. It was about 40 "coasters" from the FIRST pressing of the All Aboard LP. Basically it is the center of the LPs cut out with the artwork on them. Here is a photo Photobucket
we will be sending out 1 of these with every order through the new year starting with orders placed today 12/15. If you would like to just order a coaster you can do so by emailing us directly

What does 2009 have in store??? Well we are very excited for the first 2 releases planned.
First is a split 7" with Yesterday's Ring and Tumbledown. For those unfamiliar with the bands, Yesterday's Ring is a punk/country band featuring members of The Sainte Catherines who would fit perfectly on a show with Lucero, Hot Water Music, and The Gaslight Anthem. Tumbledown is a punk/alt-country band featuring Mike Herrera from MxPx. Please check out both bands at the following links:
Yesterdays Ring

The 7" will be on various colors, include a Mp3 download coupon, and have 2 songs from each band.

We are also stoked to release a split 7" with How Dare You, and another great band TBA soon!
How Dare You just released their debut album, and it is one of my favorite records of the year. It is along the lines of Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, and In The Red. Check them out
You Dare You

Well, have a great holiday season everyone, and see you in 2009!!!
Lastly, we will ship orders up until Dec 22nd and resume on Jan 3rd.


Package Sales!!! Nov 27, 2008

We have three package sales to announce. Available through the end of the year!!!

The first is our CD combo which includes both No Harm Done CDs, the Make or Break/Haunted Life Split CD, a No Harm Done poster, 3 buttons, and 2 stickers for $15.

The second is our Vinyl combo which includes the Hurrah/History split 7", Fallen From the Sky "victims" 7", and Junius "Fires" 7" a Fallen From the Sky poster, 3 buttons, and 2 stickers for $10. We will include Mp3 versions of all the songs upon request) Almost all of these 7"s are close to being out of print!

The CD/Vinyl combo!!! All of the above mentioned for $20! Thats 3 CDs, 3 7"s, 2 Posters, 6 Buttons, 4 stickers.

Haven't picked up the All Aboard CD? Add it to either package for an additional $10 and be entered to win a Copy of the LP version on Pink (ltd 100 copies)

All you need to do is EMAIL over your order, and we will send out an invoice!
please put COMBO in the subject line.

Happy Tofurkey Day!!!

Test Pressing eBay Nov 16, 2008

Hey Guys so we have posted a TEST PRESSING of All Aboard on ebay. Good luck bidding!
We will have some more very limited All Aboard items posted soon. So stay tuned.

All Aboard repress! Nov 10, 2008

Hey guys, the second pressing of All Aboard a Tribute to Johnny Cash is now up for sale in our store(links to VC). It will be on Opaque Brown and out of 1000 they come with a download coupon of the entire album. There will only a limited amount of these available online as most will be heading into retail mom and pop stores. So pick one up!
As I hinted to a new release in the works last week, it is coming along and should be able to announce it soon... we are very excited about it!

VOTE! Nov 04, 2008

Hey friends, today is a big day go vote!
We have a great new release in the works, but we will fill you in later this week!

Halloween!!! Oct 30, 2008

Hey guys, we received many requests to post the Bouncing Souls version of Man In Black on our Myspace so it is now up. All orders placed on Halloween will receive a limited edition Anchorless poster, button, and be entered to win a copy of All Aboard on PINK vinyl(these are out of print). To all those heading down to The Fest, we are jealous and miss Florida the most during this time of the year, but it should be a blast and make sure you check out How Dare You, who feature Seth from Hurrah on bass! I'll be there in spirit listening to Maniacal Laughter and drinking PBR.

Vinyl Update Oct 23, 2008

Hey Guys, we have been getting a ton of emails about the vinyl so Here is a link which will hopefully clear thing up. We REALLY appreciate everyone's support of this release.

ALL ABOARD!!! OUT NOW!!! Oct 21, 2008

Hey guys, so today is the day! All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash is out and in yoru local record store and on iTunes! We are still packing up some pre-orders, most have shipped. We want to thank everyone for your orders and support.

Later today our friends at will have an exclusive full album stream.
In the meantime, check out this Article about the record, featuring Pete from the Bouncing Souls and Brian from Gaslight Anthem

The vinyl has been pushed back into early november, it was out of our control, but they will ship as soon as they are in. We will also be posting a few more pink records, and some test pressings. Stay tuned!

Orders shipping today! Oct 17, 2008

We got the All Aboard CDs today and they look great; they are being packed up and will ship today. Those who pre-ordered will get a free poster.
Tuesday you will be able to check out the full album which will be streaming at it will also be in your local indie record store.
Have a great weekend!

Tour Dates Oct 14, 2008

hey guys, check out the upcoming US tour dates for no harm done Here by the way we now have the second pressing of their EP "The Start of Something New" with some electric blue art in our webstore.

Junius will be heading back to Europe and you can check out those dates Here we still have copies of the Junius 14 minute long 7" titled The Fires of Antediluvia they are on 5 different colors and come with screen printed jackets and stickers! You can check out a review Here


Canadian Thanksgiving!!! Oct 13, 2008

Hey guys, so we had some Cash Tribute CDs rushed to us so that The Flatliners can have them for their tour with NOFX and Dillinger 4, in addition to THE FEST!!!! They will have the CD starting TONIGHT @ LUPO'S in Providence, RI. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving!!! What better way to celebrate then pints at the show tonight!!!
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Capn Scotty!!!!

2 Weeks to go Oct 08, 2008

Hey guys, so All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash hits stores and iTunes on Tuesday October 21st. In addition a full album stream will be up on
Those of you who pre-ordered the CD should have it before then. But we encourage all of you to head out to your local mom and pop record store and pick it up. Below is a link and list of Indie stores that will have the CD.
Here is a link to a Review

We will be figuring out and announcing shortly how we will be selling the test presses for this release(keep in mind all the profits go to SSE and OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH). We are thinking a silent action via emails, Ebay, or a Flat price. There will be less than 15 of them and they will have screen printed covers. Let us know what you think!


Think Indie

Park Ave CDs
Amoeba (Hollywood)
Amoeba (San Francisco)
Boo Boo (slo)
Cd World (dallas)
Criminal Records
Dimple Records
Earshot (laurens rd)
Easy Street
Electric Fetus
Euclid Records
Exclusive Company (Greenfield)
Independent Records and Video
Indy Cd and Vinyl
Lou's Records
Luna Music (COLLEGE AVE)
Music Millennium
Newbury Comics
Norman's Sound and Vision
Plan 9
Princeton Record Exchange
Rainbow Books and Music
Record Exchange
Record Time Roseville
Shake It
Silver Platters
Sound It Out
Southwest Sound
Streetlight Records
Twist and Shout
Uncle Sam's
Vintage Vinyl
Vintage Vinyl (St Louis)
Waterloo Records and Video

2 Tracks from All Aboard now streaming Sep 30, 2008

Hey guys, well being that it is Rosh Hashanah(Jewish New Years!) and well it stopped raining in Boston we decided to post a couple of tracks from the Cash Tribute!
OnGuard which features Jason Shevchuk who is the vocalist of None More Black and who also fronted Kid Dynamite and more recently Lagrecia. The track is Give My Love to Rose.
We also posted Cry,Cry,Cry which was covered by our friends to the north The Flatliners.
Listen to them on the Anchorless Myspace
Enjoy! And don't forget that presale is going on now at the following locations!!!!
Anchorless Records Website
Interpunk (Free Button and Poster)
Vinyl Collective(Hurry ltd Color vinyl is almost gone!!!)
No Idea Records


Bouncing Souls track posted! Sep 22, 2008

Hey Guys, head over to to hear the first track from All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
The Bouncing Souls-Man In Black

We now have the CD and LP up for pre-sale!

Vinyl is going quick... Sep 13, 2008

Hey guys, we just found out that the VC exclusive color of half pink/half black is SOLD OUT. The Splatter are going quick too. So head over there now, as we will only have a handfull to sell ourselves. Best of luck! * see links below for LP and CD Presale

The Fallen From the Sky 7" is down to less than 15 copies
The Junius 7" is under 40

Have a great weekend!

Vinyl Update Sep 11, 2008

Wow! So the sets of all four colors sold out super quick!!! If you want to make sure you get a copy of All Aboard on vinyl CLICK HERE FOR VINYL PRE ORDER
They still have Pink w/black splatter and Half pink/Half Black
They will sell out! Also, when you pre order you have the chance to will a TEST PRESS and some Old Johnny Cash 7" singles. While you are on the site check out all the great titles especially EVERYTHING on Suburban Home!



PRE SALE @ Vinyl Collective!!!! Sep 09, 2008

Hey 9/9/08 between 12-2pm Mountain Time our friends over at vinyl collective
www. vinylcollective. com will start presale for the VINYL version of ALL ABOARD: A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH

this will be the ONLY PLACE to pick up ALL FOUR COLORS in a COMPLETE SET.

Here is the color breakdown

100 on black
100 on pink
300 half/half pink and black (VINYL COLLECTIVE EXCLUSIVE)
500 pink w/black splatter

black is only available w/ the complete set and there will be less than 50 sets.

Reminder also that there is a BONUS TRACK ON THE LP!!! It is an alternative version of Delia's Gone by Ben Nichols(Lucero)
Also included with the LP is a digital download card so you can put the songs on your iPod.

We will keep you posted on the CD presale and the LP Presale through our official webstore.

Dont forget that we will be donating all our proceeds to benefit the Syrentha Savio Endowment www. syrentha. org check it out!


ALL ABOARD!!!!! New Release date set Sep 02, 2008

Alright, so we had some issues...but the wait is over(well sorta) art is finished and the release date is Oct 21st. Pre-Sale will be announced shortly as well as the posting of a track from the record. We wanted to let you guys know that is was originally planned to have Brian Ewing create the cover for the record, well it didn't pan out which was in no way the fault of Brian or us.
Team Doom, who had been doing all the insert and all other related art for the record stepped it up big time and came through with some very classy art for the cover which will be posted this week as well.

Pushed Back Aug 14, 2008

Hello friends, we have hit another small bump, but a bump nonetheless with All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash. It is forcing us to push the release back into October. We will keep you posted on presale info. Rest assured that the it is well worth the wait...we will be posting a song to hold you over shortly.

Westsiiiide! Jul 30, 2008

Hello friends, today the fine folks in No Harm Done are heading west. Here are the dates, so be sure and go show them some love. We only have a couple copies of the first pressing of the start of something new EP, and will soon have a re-press with different color art, which will still be hand-numbered.

July 30 Tallahassee, FL @ The Beta Bar
August 1 San Antonio, TX @ Rock Bottom Bar
August 2 Austin, TX @ Red Seven
August 3 Harlington, TX @ Smiley's Ballroom
August 4 Corpus Christi, TX @ The Compound
August 5 Laredo, TX @ Seven Days Tavern
August 6 Anthony, NM @ Main Street Project
August 8 Bonsall, CA @ 30456 Rose Ln.
August 9 Bell Gardens, CA @ The Blak Top
August 10 Canoga Park, CA @ Cobalt Cafe
August 12 Fresno, CA @ The Exit
August 14 Arcata, CA @ The Fire House
August 16 Sacramento, CA @ Java Lounge
August 17 Las Vegas, NV @ Rejavanate Coffee
August 18 Albuquerque, NM @ Telo's
August 20 Mountain Home, AR @ The Gravel Pit
August 21 Tupelo, MS @ NLC Church
August 22 Birmingham, AL @ Cave Nine
August 23 Panama City, FL @ Beamers
August 24 Kissimmee, FL @ 606 Hawaian

Sold out of Merch, New Designs on the way! Jul 27, 2008

Hey guys, we have SOLD OUT of ALL T-shirts, and Hoodies!!! For those who have placed orders as of last week for these items, we will be sending out an email with an option for a refund or a discount on the new merch that is on the way. We will have new T-shirts, Hoodies, Buttons, Stickers, Slipmats, Beer Koozies, and some other neat items that you can put to good use! We will have these up as soon as we actually get them in stock.

No Harm Done 2nd Pressing Jul 18, 2008

Hi guys, we will be re-pressing No Harm Done's "The Start of Something New EP" the art will be on a different color so you collectors can brag to your friends about having all the different variations! We will post the art when we get them back. In the meantime we have less than 10 of the first pressing in stock. So pick them up! They are hand numbered!!! Be sure to check out No Harm Done as they head out west later this month.

Vinyl Collective Jul 15, 2008

Hello friends, the fine folks at Vinyl Collective have some of the last copies of our first three vinyl releases. So head over there and pick them up before there are out of print FOREVER!!!!

More Details on Upcoming Johnny Cash Tribute Jul 09, 2008

Hello friends, we are stoked finally have everything set to release ALL ABOARD: A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY CASH. With all proceeds to benefit SSE if you are unfamiliar with this great organization head over to to find out more! Here is the FINAL LINE-UP and OFFICIAL TRACK LISTING!

1. Man in Black - The Bouncing Souls
2. Country Boy - Fallen From the Sky
3. Wreck of the Old 97 - Chuck Ragan(Hot Water Music) feat Jon Gaunt
4. Let The Train Whistle Blow - Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire)
5. Delia's Gone - Ben Nichols(Lucero)
6. Gods Gonna Cut You Down - The Gaslight Anthem
7. Cocaine Blues - The Loved Ones
8. Give My Love to Rose - On Guard(Feat. Jason Shevchuk of Lagrecia, None More Black, Kid Dynamite)
9. I Still Miss Someone - Casey James Prestwood(Hot Rod Circuit)
10. Hey Porter - MxPx
11. Cry Cry Cry - The Flatliners
12. Ballad of a Teenage Queen - The Dresden Dolls feat. Franz Nicolay(The Hold Steady)
13. Folsom Prison Blues - Chon Travis(Love Equals Death)
14. There You Go - The Sainte Catherines
15. Walk The Line - Russ Rankin (Good Riddance, Only Crime)

**Bonus Track for VINYL VERSION ONLY!!
16. Delia's Gone(alternative version) ** - Ben Nichols(Lucero)

We will be releasing the Vinyl on 4 different colors!
Black ltd 100
Pink ltd 100
Half pink/Half Black 300 (this will be EXCLUSIVE to the fine folks at
Pink w/Black Splatter 500
ALL WILL COME WITH A LTD dropcard that allows you access to MP3's of all the songs

We will also have some test presses with screened covers up for auction at some point after the release.

We plan to have this in stores both retail and digital on sept 9th!
Pre-Sale will being on the Anchorless Site, Vinyl Collective, and Interpunk(CD ONLY) later this month.

We are very excited to share this with you guys, and will have some songs streaming in the very near future, along with the artwork done by brian ewing Please help and spread the word about this!

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved with this project, you know who you are!


Update on the Cash Tribute Jun 26, 2008

It is scheduled to be in stores on September 9, 2008.
Pre-Sale will begin at the end of July.
There will be 3 different variations of color vinyl.

Official track listing will be up shortly, along with artwork.


No Harm Done Jun 05, 2008

Hello friends, we want wish No Harm Done the best of luck at their new home, Think Fast Records! We are excited for the guys, this is a great opportunity. We had been lucky enough to release 2 records for these great dudes. One of the hardest working bands that I have had the pleasure of working with. They have posted a new track on their myspace, so go listen...NOW!!!
All the best

Cash Tribute Update! and other neat things... May 29, 2008

Hello friends, we have some exciting news to share with you. MXPX has been added to the final line-up for All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash. They will be covering Hey Porter and we are honored to have them be apart of this record.

We have set a release date that shouldn't change but it might, in which case we will let you know. 9/9/08 is when it will hit stores. Pre-sale will begin later this summer, more to come on really neat limited edition things that will come with the pre-ordered versions.

We are also very excited to have the great Brian Ewing to be contributing his art skills for this release. If you are unfamiliar then please head over to and get into it! (there will be a quiz later).

In other neat news, Fallen From the Sky's full length came out on tuesday on Eulogy so go pick that up. To all of those who have been emailing us about the vinyl version of the record, we will not be doing the pressing as we had planned. Sorry. But go pick up "Tonight We Radiate" it is an amazing record from an amazing bunch of dudes.



Hello friends, after much work we finally have all the songs and participating bands set for our Johnny Cash Tribute to benefit SSE

All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash; To Benefit The Syrentha Savio Endowment

The Bouncing Souls- Man in Black
Chuck Ragan(Hot Water Music) feat Jon Gaunt - Wreck of the Old 97'
The Gaslight Anthem - God's Gonna Cut You Down
Ben Nichols(Lucero) - Delia's Gone
The Dresden Dolls - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
The Loved Ones - Cocaine Blues
OnGuard(Jason Shevchuk; None More Black, Kid Dynamite) - Give My Love To Rose
Casey Prestwood(Hot Rod Circuit) - I Still Miss Someone
Smoke or Fire - Let the Train Whistle Blow
Russ Rankin(Good Riddance, Only Crime) - Walk the Line
Fallen From the Sky - Country Boy
The Flatliners - Cry Cry Cry
The Sainte Catherines - There You Go
Chon Travis (Love=Death) - Folsom Prison Blues

We will be donating 100% of the net profits to the Syrentha Savio Endowment (Shirts for a Cure). They provide assistance to underprivileged women with the costs associated with breast cancer treatment.

We will be releasing both CD and Vinyl formats. More details on the breakdown of color vinyl and the pressing numbers. But the Vinyl version will feature a bonus track from Ben Nichols of Lucero, who recorded two different versions of Delia's Gone.

The liner notes will include quotes from each band/artist about Johnny Cash, and his impact on their lives and musical careers.

Thank you so much to all the bands, studios, managers, labels, staff and everyone else who is a part of this record who have helped out in putting this together. We plan on having this out by the end of summer or ealry fall(as long as there are no more legal issues).

We will have more updates within the coming weeks, regarding special pre-sale information, exclusive streaming tracks, and more!!! So stay tuned!



No Harm Done: Spring Tour 2008

Mar​ 27 Lak​e Wal​es,​ FL @ Toy​ Wor​ld Caf​e
Mar​ 28 Tal​lah​ass​ee,​ FL @ The​ She​d
Mar​ 29 Cor​pus​ Chr​ist​i, TX @ The​ Com​pou​nd
Mar​ 30 Pha​rr,​ TX @ The Garage
Mar​ 31 Austin, TX @ Red 7
Apr​ 2 San​ Ant​oni​o, TX @ The​ Cro​ssi​ng
Apr 3 Tupelo, MS @ Musicians Playground
Apr 4 Baton Rouge, LA @ TBA

Friends! We are close to having all the tracks for the Johnny Cash Tribute that we have been putting together and working out all the bugs for the past year. We will have a full track listing and the formats it will be in by the end of the month. It is shaping up to be an amazing release, with some amazing bands and people that are helping out with it!
So the first of many thank yous to everyone involved, ESPECIALLY THE BANDS, MANAGERS, LABELS, AND STUDIOS!!!
Can't wait to share all the details with you guys!


TOUR TOUR TOUR Mar 07, 2008

Hello friends, we just wanted to announce some upcoming tour dates for Fallen From the Sky, Junius, and No Harm Done.

FFTS is heading up the east coast and midwest with Secret Lives of the Freemasons and Across Five dates with Strike Anywhere and Riverboat Gamblers...
for details head to

Junius is heading out with Constants and Look Mexico. This will include the east coast, SXSW and Europe!!!! For more details visit

No Harm Done has posted a NEW TRACK! and will be hitting the road from March 27-April 9th...they will be taking the trip out to Texas! For more details check out

We expect to have a final track listing for the Johnny Cash Tribute in the next couple weeks. Including artwork, releases dates and previews!!!!


Last MoB show...EVER Feb 17, 2008

Hey guys, on Feb 23rd Make or Break will be playing their last show ever! We just sent out a ton of out of print shirts to the band and they will be on sale at the show at a super cheap price. Charles will be making deals that would make Howie proud! For details on the show head over to

Also on the show is Fallen From the Sky, and No Harm Done.

GIANTS! Feb 03, 2008

Hello friends, first we just wanted to wish the Giants the best of luck (we are based in Boston, but pull for the underdog). For those watching the game be on the lookout for the Geico Caveman. He is our very good friend and NYC based comedian Eric Andre. Check out some of his work at we hope to release some of his material in the future. We will keep you posted on any developments.

In other news, Charles formally of Make or Break is now an official member of No Harm Done. Make or Break is also playing another "last show" on feb 23rd with Fallen from the Sky and No Harm Done. Check any of the bands myspace sites for more info.

In Other, other news....a big congratulations to Fallen From the Sky who recently signed to Eulogy Recordings. I have had the pleasure of being on tour with them many times over the past few years, in addition to releasing their 7", and know that they deserve all that they have coming their way. We are working on releasing the Vinyl version of "Tonight We Radiate" the debut full length from FFTS. Again, as more details come in we will post them.

Lastly, we are still chugging away with the Johnny cash Tribute. It is a long process of getting all the bands and their touring schedules to work with getting the song recorded...but we have more than half the tracks and are only waiting on a few. We dont want to jinx anything, so a full track listing will be posted as soon as we have all the tracks.

Ok, you can take off those reading glasses and slip on the beer goggles. Go Giants!

200gr8! (stole that from kate) Jan 09, 2008

Hello friends, hope all had a nice new years. We are still getting back into the swing of things, all orders placed between dec 25th and Jan 6th have now shipped.
No Harm Done is back from tour! They have posted their tour blog on their myspace:
We got a few more tracks in for the Johnny Cash Tribute, and will have an update on the final list of artists and songs soon! There are some new additions that we will let you know about in addition the details about the vinyl for this release will be posted soon.
Fallen From the Sky's new record "Tonight We Radiate" is being mixed and we will have more details and a song posted in the near future we will be doing the vinyl release for this.
Until next time!

So long snow! Dec 23, 2007

Hello friends, we will be taking some time off and getting out of the snow! All orders placed after dec 23rd will not ship until the week of january 7th.
There are many things to come in 2008! Including the long awaited but well worth the wait Johnny Cash Tribute to benefit SSE www.syrentha,org and a few more exciting releases!!!!
In the meantime check the dates and hang out with NHD who are on tour this winter!

No Harm Done| EastCoast Tour| Updated Show List! Dec 21, 2007

No Harm Done | East Coast Winter Tour

12/26/07 Wilson, NC @ The Luna Bean
12/27/07 Richmond, VA @ Ramakin’s
12/28/07 Frederick, MD @ The Mudd Puddle
12/29/07 Knoxville, TN @ The Space
12/31/07 Tallhassee, FL @ The Treehouse
1/01/08 Memphis, TN @ The Rally Point
1/03/08 Clifton, NJ @ The Clash Bar
1/04/08 New Haven, CT @ The Peoples Center
1/05/08 Warminster, PA @ 32 Overlook Drive

12/26-12/29 w/ The Domino Theory
12/31-1/05 w/ Trample & Years From Now

Junius 7" review Dec 19, 2007

Hey Friends, here is a link to a review of the Junius 7" released earlier this year. We have the second batch of these in stock but they are going quick! 5 colors of vinyl and screen printed artwork. These are going fast so DONT SLEEP!


Hello friends. between now and jan 1st. When you pick up ANY Anchorless release you can choose a FREE Release of your choice.

The Free release must be less than the purchased release! ALL ORDERS WILL RECEIVE A LIMITED EDITION FALLEN FROM THE SKY POSTER, NO HARM DONE POSTER, STICKERS, and Coupon good for 25% off of a Future release of your choice!

**Remember that most of our vinyl releases will come with a code so you can download the songs on to your computer**

We just got in the second pressing of the Junius 7" and these look HOT!!! Silver ink on Black Paper screen printed, hand numbered and 5 colors of vinyl!!! get them before they are OUT OF PRINT FOREVER!!!

East Coast Tour! Dec 10, 2007

No Harm Done will embark on an East Coast tour starting right after Christmas in support of their new 7 song EP. "The Start of Something New."
December 26th Wilson, NC @ Luna Bean
December 27th Richmond, VA @ Ramakin's
December 28th Frederick, MD @ Mudd Puddle
December 29th Jefferson City, TN @ Coffeez
December 30th Atlanta, GA @ TBA
December 31st Tallahassee, FL @ Treehouse
January 1st Memphis, TN @ The Dregs
January 2nd TBA
January 3rd Clifton, NJ @ Clash Bar
January 4th New Haven, CT @ Peoples Center
January 5th TBA

December 26th - 30th w/ The Domino Theory
December 31st - January 5th w/ Trample & Years From Now

Holiday Orders Dec 03, 2007

Hello friends, that time is approaching, for those ordering for the holidays be aware that the fine folks at the US postal service are overwhelmed and shipping may take longer than usual. We suggest selecting priority shipping option to make sure you get your records by the holidays.

All orders as of today DEC 3rd, and received before JAN 1st will include a FREE record of your choice. Just be sure to let us know which additional record you would like. In addition ALL orders will come with a Fallen From the Sky Limited edition poster, a No Harm Done poster, and stickers!!!!


The Start of Something New!!! OUT NOW Nov 27, 2007

Hello friends, today No Harm Done's 7 song EP "The Start of Something New" is OUT, so head down to your local indie record store, and if they dont have it in stock, they can order it! Also you can pick it up through the Anchorless myspace, official website,,, iTunes, or your favorite digital retailer. The physical CD is hand numbered out of 250!!!

The 7 songs were recorded by Rob Mcgregor(Against Me!, Hot Water Music) and Mastered and Co-Produced by Charles from Stompbox(Kill Your Idols, Outbreak)

This record is recommended for fans of: Lifetime, Strike Anywhere, Set Your Goals.

The guys will be heading out in December for another East Coast Tour to support the release. All dates are up on


Re: Pre-Orders Nov 17, 2007

Hello friends, we just wanted to let all those that pre-ordered the new NO HARM DONE EP "The Start of Something New" that they are in and will begin shipping on Monday. For those who did not pre-order, keep in mind that these are hand numbered and the pressing is out of 250, we still have the pre-order special "combo" up, NHD full length and EP for $10!!! The record comes out Nov 27th and in support of the release NHD will be play 2 releases shows and a winter tour to follow. All Dates are up on NHD's MYSPACE PAGE

The EP will be available through the Anchorless Site and through Rev Distro

I am off to find my winter coat...the first snow is on its way.


NHD CD Release Shows Nov 07, 2007

"The Start of Something New" is out NOV 27th, but No Harm Done will have the EPs at the following shows! Also all pre-orders will ship that week or possibly sooner.

November 23rd - Winter Park, FL @ Black Chapel Tattoo 5pm
November 24th - Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm 6pm

for more details


NEW TRACK!!! Oct 31, 2007

Hey guys, we have just posted another track from the upcoming EP by No Harm Done
The track is called We Stand Together Alone. Check it out.
The 7 EP Titled " The Start of Something New" is OUT NOV 27th and is available for PRE-SALE RIGHT NOW!!!!



Internships Oct 30, 2007

We are looking for 2 interns. One needs to be based here in the boston area, and the second can be web-based. College Credit is available (if your school offers them).
Please respond via email for further information and the application Process.
Thanks in the subject line please put intern

PRE SALE! Oct 24, 2007

Hello! We are writing to let you guys know that we have posted a track from the upcoming release from deltona's finest! NO HARM DONE
"The Start of Something New" is the upcoming EP it was recorded by Rob Mcgregor(Against Me!, Hot Water Music)
7 songs that will get that rump shaking and fists pumping.
We posted "Bastogne" to give you guys a preview of the EP.
There is a PRESALE going on now where you can order the EP for $5 or you can order the EP and their full length "Our day of Days" for $10.
The first pressing will be featuring limited edition artwork and will be hand numbered. THESE WILL SELL OUT!!!!



"The Start of Something New" Oct 15, 2007

Hello! We just got the master back and we will be pressing the BRAND NEW EP from NO HARM DONE!!! It is titled "The Start of Something New" it sounds incredible and the title is appropriate being that over the past year since the release of "Our Day of Days" NHD has evolved their sound and found a comfort zone that is evident in the 7 songs featured on the EP. We will being both streaming songs as well as presale within the next week so be on the lookout for that!
In the meantime we are still running our October sale which "Our Day of Days" is only $5 and the Make or Break/Haunted Life Split is $5 and the Hurrah/History 7" is only $3!!!!!
These are available Exclusively at the ANCHORLESS RECORDS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

In other news, Fallen From the Sky has finished up recording their debut full length "Tonight We Radiate" we had the chance to hear the rough mixes, and these songs will rock your face excited.

One more announcement: It has been confirmed that a couple more artists are going to be participating in the Johnny Cash Tribute to Benefit SSE
The Loved Ones: "Cocaine Blues"
Smoke or Fire: TBA


No Harm Done Studio Update/Fallen From the sky Nominated! Oct 09, 2007

No Harm Done is wrapping up their time in Gainesville today with Rob Mcgregor(Against ME!, Hot Water Music) at Goldentone studio. The guys have been working on their new EP "The Start of Something New"
The 7 songs are pretty much done and being mixed as I type these words. Our good friend Charles(Strike a Chord, ex-make or break) was up there in the studio helping things along. We will keep you posted on the mix and will have new tracks up soon!

Fallen From the Sky have been nominated for a Slammie Award, this is like a grammy but for the south Florida folk.

A Note from FFTS
"SLAMMIE productions is having their special "15 years of rawk" edition of the "Slammie awards " that honors not just current artists but the past 15 years of the South Florida music scene.
FFTS has been nominated for BEST INDIE BAND :
Honoring the emo and indie rock scenes as well as the best indie-minded bands that don't fall into any of the above categories:
you can VOTE ONCE EVERY HOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP US !!!!!

thank you guys so much for EVERYTHING WE LOVE YOU ALL !!!!


Video Update #2 Fallen From the Sky in the studio Oct 03, 2007

Hey guys, head over to our myspace and check out part 2 of Fallen From The Sky in the studio recording their new full length! (its in our blog section)

SALE SALE SALE Sep 27, 2007

Hey guys we are running a sale through Halloween. The sale is only available on our OFFICIAL WEBSITE.
No Harm Done "our day of days" $5
Make or Break/Haunted Life "Split" $5
Hurrah/History 7" $3

Please take note that we updated our links, so check out our friends!

We also put up our new snail mail address.


Junius on Tour to support the NEW 7"! Sep 27, 2007

Sep 26 2007 8:00P
Beauty Bar w/ DJ’S Mike Delgado (Shark Attack) Nathan Black & Kipper San Diego, California

Sep 27 2007 8:00P
The Sets w / The Birthday Massacre (Toronto)
Tempe, Arizona

Sep 28 2007 10:00P
The Gnarwhal House w / Alan Smithee
Tucson, Arizona

Sep 29 2007 8:00P
Winning Coffee w / Father of The Flood
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sep 30 2007 8:00P
Zeppelin’s El Paso, Texas

Oct 1 2007 8:00P
Monk’s Coffee
Abilene, Texas

Oct 2 2007 8:00P
Roadside Icehouse
San Antonio, Texas

Oct 3 2007 8:00P
Red 7 w/ Consider the Source, Mammoth Grinder, Great Northern Guns, By the End of Tonight
Austin, Texas

Oct 4 2007 8:00P
Mia’s Pub w/ Porcelain Arms & Jaguar Shark
Shreveport, Louisiana

Oct 5 2007 8:00P
Cafe Cottage w/ Taliba Cumi
Lafayette, Louisiana

Oct 6 2007 8:00P
The Blind Mule w/ thruoutingenue/ Best Left Unsaid Mobile, Alabama

Oct 7 2007 8:00P
Champion’s Den Phenix City, Alabama

Oct 9 2007 8:00P
The Hideaway w/ OCOAI Johnson City, Tennessee

Oct 10 2007 8:00P
The Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Sleeping States (London, UK) Washington, Washington DC

Oct 18 2007 8:00P
CMJ showcase @ Lit Lounge (GSL / SAF Records showcase) New York, New York

Oct 19 2007 8:00P
T. T. The Bear’s w / CASPIAN / CONSTANTS / Charlene Cambridge, Massachusetts

Oct 20 2007 8:00P
242 Main w / Carrigan / Caspian Burlington, Vermont

Oct 23 2007 8:00P
M Room w / Caspian / Rosetta Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Oct 30 2007 8:00P
Don Pedro’s w / Circle Takes The Square / Transistor Transistor Brooklyn, New York

Oct 31 2007 6:30P
The Oxfam Cafe @ Tufts University w / Circle Takes The Square / Transistor Transistor Medford, Massachusetts

Fallen From the STUDIO??? Sep 25, 2007

Hey guys head over to they just posted some video of them in the studio. They tell us that all the music is near completion and vocals will start shortly...the last minute forty gives you a sample of a new tune!

History Tour dates announced! Sep 21, 2007


History will be heading out on tour, here is a list of dates. We still have copies of their split 7" with Hurrah.

Oct 12 2007 8:00P

The Backbooth w/Immaculate Shark (formerly Vostok) & Mumpsy Orlando, Florida

Oct 13 2007 8:00P
New World Brewery with Win Win WInter,Kingsbury and Christina Wagner :Ybor City, Florida

Oct 31 2007 8:00P
Anywhere from VA to NY - BOOKING NOW - HELP! New York, New York

Nov 1 2007 8:00P
Lost and Found Brooklyn, New York

Nov 2 2007 8:00P
B’MORE/PHILLY - BOOKING NOW - HELP! Baltimore, Maryland

Nov 3 2007 8:00P
Black Cat with the FREAKING THERMALS!!! Washington, Washington DC

Nov 4 2007 8:00P
VIRGINIA- BOOKING NOW - HELP! Richmond?, Virginia

Nov 5 2007 8:00P
Hell Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Nov 6 2007 8:00P
Thee Imperial Jacksonville, Florida

Back up and running! Sep 19, 2007

Hey everyone, so sorry that there have not been many news updates as of late. We had some issues with the site and other things of that nature. But...we got all that settled, a downside in the process is that we lost our archived news posts. An upside is that we have some big things going on that you should be stoked about!

First, No Harm Done will be heading into the studio at the start of October with Rob Mcgregor (Against Me!, Hot Water Music, The Draft). NHD will be recording 6-8 brand new tracks as a three piece, which will be released as a digital EP/ Limited Edition CD. It should be out before the end of the year, and in time for their winter tour (dates TBA).
We have heard the demos, and can't wait to hear the finished record! In the meantime head over to for the latest dates and streaming media.

Now on to something that has been in the works for a long time, but is finally at the point where we are ready to let you guys in on the details. We have been in the process putting together a Johnny Cash Tribute record. Here is a rundown of the record.
First, we will be donating all of the profits to The Syrentha Savio Endowment. (SSE) for those of you unfamiliar with this charity organization you should head over and check out what they do. Basically they help underprivileged women afford breast cancer treatment.

Here is the most up to date list of artists/songs.

Chuck Ragan (ex hot water music) : Wreck of the old 97
Russ Rankin (Only Crime, Good Riddance) : Walk the Line
Chon Travis (Love Equals Death) : Folsom Prison Blues
Jason Shevchuk (Lagrecia, None More Black) : Give My love to Rose
The Sainte Catherines : There you go
Casey Prestwood (Hot Rod Circuit) : I still miss someone
The Loved Ones: TBA
Fallen From the Sky: TBA
Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price (ex-Drag the River) : TBA
I am the Avalanche : TBA

There are more artists that are pending, and since we don't want to get your (or our) hopes up we will only post once we have actual confirmation. The Album will be out sometime in 2008, initially the goal was to have it out by holiday time 07' but due to touring and recording schedules it is being pushed. It will be worth the wait!
The record is tentatively titled "All Aboard: A tribute to Johnny Cash"
Total tracks will be 12-14 on the CD and 2-3 on a limited edition 7”
We will keep you posted on developments regarding this release, including when the microsite and myspace sites are up and running. If you are interested in helping to promote this record please send us an email:

The Junius 7” is out and almost out of print! These things have been flying! You can pick one pick via
there are 5 different colors of vinyl and they are hang numbered.

Fallen From the Sky is heading into the studio next week to start recording their debut Full Length (label TBA) Many of you had the chance to preview some of the songs at this years warped tour. Travis Adams (Inkwell, My Hotel Year) will be producing the record. Head over to their for videos and show updates!



We are sorry to bring you this news, but we love these guys and will support them in whatever projects they persue.

Via/ Make or Break's website:

Anyone who was at our last show in Orlando heard the announcement that we will be playing our last show at Orlando's End of Summer Jam on August 24th, 2007. Due to everyone's increasingly demanding schedules, it would be impossible for us to keep pushing this band forward (ie, touring) as much as we all would like to. The only way I could see us continuing and being able to tour would be if we changed members. The main problem with that is we all contribute so much to this band, it would basically be a dick move to switch anyone out. We are all great friends and will remain that way. While it sounds cheesy, this band really became the force we are now when we had our current four members - Mike Mos, me, Charles & Mike C, at the helm and therefore changing this equation would probably cheat the music and each other. Believe me, there is nothing that all of us would rather do than tour, play shows, and hang out with all the nice people we meet on the road. Everyone who has sung along, dived or come up and spoken to us before and after shows, we can not thank you enough, you are the reason this band exists/existed as much as our love for the music is. Don't be too bummed if you plan on missing us, because there are sure to be some new projects forming from the ashes of MoB.

peaking for myself, I can say that I am proud to have been a part of this band. One thing I am most proud of is that pretty much everywhere we went, we made friends. We never got involved in any 'drama in the scene' (sorry if that sounds cliche) because when it all boils down to it, none of the 15-year-old shit-talking really matters. Most of us have dealt with some hard times in our lives (I myself had a close death in the family around the time the band started) which has made me personally realize that we are only here for a short time on earth, so you might as well make the best of it. My goal from that point on was to go on the road and play as many shows as possible while I have the opportunity. I hope we made people realize that if you're paying $5-10 to get into a show, it would actually make sense if you watch all the bands you pay for and not just sit around talking on the internet (an amazing feat that could be done from the comforts of your own home!). Hardcore and punk, just like life, is what you make of it. Do what you want to do, we did. When we started, virtually no other bands within 12 hours of us played hardcore punk with a truly positive message (there were a few though!). A lot of people on our local messageboard complained about bands doing cover songs. We all love the music that inspires us, so we decided to rub it in their faces by playing at least 2 covers a night (sometimes up to 5 or 6). Personally, we all like when bands do cover songs, so why change our attitudes to try to please everyone else? As far as our own music goes, though most of the songs were rather simplistic in nature, each one of us cared about what we were saying. We put a lot of energy/aggression/emotion into the songs and were so surprised to see people singing along & dancing from our first show at Phil's house two years ago. Thanks to everyone who was there at the beginning, but more importantly, to those who are still here today. We really appreciate it and look forward to seeing you at the last few shows!